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Chris Kelly: The Truth on Resistant Starches, Why FODMAPs Got A Bad Rep (But Are Needed!), and Building a Healthy Gut

If FODMAPs (broccoli, etc) give you gas and bloating and you’ve been eating raw starches to get in your resistant starch (RS), then you won’t want to miss this episode…. These days you hear a lot on Resistant Starches (RS) being a good of prebiotics for better health, while FODMAPS are potentially “bad” for causing […]

Sports Nutrition: Honey vs. Maple Syrup for Fuel, How Long to Get Fat-Adapted, Colitis Help, BP Coffee Pre-Race, and More

Ben Greenfield joins the show to answer your questions on: The benefits/ pros and cons of honey vs. maple syrup for fueling endurance and in general How long does it take to become ‘fat adapted’ — in life and for enhanced sport performance Locust-based protein powder (and also: lotus root) Help for athlete with ischemic […]

Sports Nutrition: Are Women’s-Specific Nutrition Products Necessary, Breakdown of Amino Acids in Supplements like MAP, Finding Your Right Diet and More

Ben Greenfield joins the show to answer your questions and talk the latest in sports nutrition. On this show we discuss: -The benefits on eating organic grassfed heart: its mitochondrial content, dense nutrient profile, and heart’s potential benefit for athletic performance -Are women’s-specific nutrition products necessary, and more details on female stuff: the menstrual cycle, […]

Ask the Doc Special: Your Guide to Understanding Master Amino Acid Pattern (MAP)

Dr. David Minkoff joins the show for a special episode dedicated Master Amino Acid Pattern, MAP, with answers to your questions and much more. Find out why MAP is a protein source unlike any other and the story behind its creation, why it was created and how long it took to perfect it. Also, learn […]

Ask the Doc: MAP for Kids, Solutions to Exercise-Related Headaches and More

Dr. David Minkoff joins this episode of “Ask the Doctor” to answer your questions on if it’s safe and smart for active kids to take MAP (and more on why MAP is good for adults whether you eat healthy animal protein or are a vegan/vegetarian), why might one be getting terrible headaches after long runs […]

ATC: Is MAF Training Only at MAF HR? Identifying ‘Niggle’ vs Injury, Plus: Farmer Carry FTW!

We’ve done the work and hand-picked companies we trust and love for you to benefit and leave the guessing game out of things. Now, you can support the podcast by shopping through us while getting great savings at In today’s Ask The Coaches, Lucho analyzes Tawnee’s marathon, and more chat on running, setting goals, […]

Dr. Phil Maffetone: MAF Method for Setting Goal Pace, Ultra Training, Tapering and More

Get shopping and support the podcast at! This week we’re highlighting Nordic Naturals and PerfectAmino (the all-new MAP). Read more about types of fish oil here. On this show: Get your pens and paper ready to take notes; Dr. Phil Maffetone joins to help you dial in your taper, set a realistic goal race pace (especially for the marathon) […]

Ep 5 Project ZENdurance: Overtraining Signs, IMTX Race Plan and Goals

Our ongoing series with Brett from the Zen Triathlon podcast continues, be sure to listen to episode 1, episode 2, episode 3, and episode 4 first! In this show we’ve strung together a couple recent conversations between Tawnee and Brett. Part 1 deals with stress, symptoms of overtraining, and more, using Brett’s situation as an […]

Sports Nutrition: Marijuana for Performance? Plus: Amino Acid Supplementing, Detecting Protein Deficiencies, Overtraining and More

Support the Podcast & Save! Shop & SAVE with EP at, and enjoy great savings on services and products we love and use ourselves! Every time you buy something through our shop page you are one step closer to your optimal health and performance AND you help keep Endurance Planet alive, it’s a win-win! […]

Dr. Phil Maffetone & Dr. Tracy Hoeg: Should We Be Guiding Athletes Based On Current Scientific Knowledge?

Check out for some great deals and savings on a bunch of services and products we love. when you shop with endurance planet you help support the podcast! right now we’re even offering deals on blood testing with inside tracker, memberships to thrive market, the brand new perfect amino which is a better and […]

Ep. 1 Project ZENdurance: Brett Blankner’s Quest to Triathlon Glory

We’re debuting a new series on Endurance Planet featuring Brett Blankner of Zen and the Art of Triathlon “hiring” Tawnee as his coach to see if she can help him achieve his goals in long-course triathlon racing. Consider it a bit like a reality triathlon if you will. Brett is the “everyman” athlete and represents […]

Sports Nutrition: Natural (and Effective) Anti-Inflammatories, Better Manage Your Electrolytes and Sweat, How to Promote ‘Better Blood’ and More

From recovery to sweat rates this show is jam-packed with cutting-edge sports nutrition and health information! Ben recently hung out with Dr. Allen Lim of Skratch Labs and the FeedZone cookbook, and we cover what went on in that conversation and much more including: The latest research on sodium, electrolytes and sweat and how you […]

Sports Nutrition with Ben Greenfield: Digestive Enzymes, Gas and Bloating From Frankenfuels, and More

Our buddy Ben Greenfield is back for an informative and educating journey through digestive enzymes, metabolism, frakenfoods and a brief recap of how his race went in Kona this year… on zero Ironman training. We also talk about: The lowdown on Serrapeptase for recovery as an athlete; blog resource. The benefits of digestive enzymes; -What […]

Cherie Gruenfeld: Grandmaster Triathlete Racing Her 20th Ironman World Championship Race This Year; Hear Her Story and Tips for Longevity in Sport

In today’s podcast, Tawnee chats with Cherie Gruenfeld, 70, legendary triathlete who will race the Ironman World Championships for the 20th time this year. She has 16 Ironman titles, and 11 of those are at Kona. She’s the founder and director of Exceeding Expectations, a program that uses the sport of triathlon to positively re-direct […]


Shop with Endurance Planet’s Favorites! You can benefit from Endurance Planet’s handpicked sponsors and affiliates by using special discounts and offers to enhance your training and health. We only team up with companies whom we love and trust, and whose products and services we use and recommend ourselves: Sponsors: Can you afford to have your training sidelined […]

Sports Nutrition with Ben Greenfield: Does Coffee Block Vitamin Absorption, Licorice Root for Adrenals, What’s PQQ… and Can It Benefit Athletes? And More!

Once again, our old buddy Ben Greenfield joins us for an informative and entertaining journey through sun burns, acid reflux, supplements, ketosis, amino acids, coffee, licorice and more! During the show, we answer your questions about: Astaxanthin 10mg for skin protection Natural Calm consists of Mg citrate using citric acid, can this have a potential […]

Triathlete Spotlight: Lyndee Prazak on Her First Ironman as a Masters Athlete, Nailing Nutrition, the Whistler Course, and More

On this special episode, Tawnee’s mom, Lyndee Prazak comes on the show to talk about her first-ever Ironman that she recently completed in Whistler, Canada. Pictures of her day included in this post. Lyndee, 56, was coached by Tawnee for the race, and we talk about what it was like to make the leap into […]


SweetBeatLife is a new and improved clinical-grade app that measures heart rate variability (HRV) to dial in your health and fitness by giving a holistic measure of your stress levels and overall health and well-being. It’s easy to monitor: High HRV is associated with better health and fitness, while low HRV is linked to burnout, fatigue, decrease […]

Sports Nutrition: Understanding Adaptogens and Their Pros and Cons for Athletes, Figuring Out Ideal Carb Intake (Female Specific), Safe Storage Containers, Beet Juice vs. Smoothies

Ben Greenfield joins to answer your questions on: . -Adaptogens and what are they? Are there any worries with intake of too much of adaptogens? What different adaptogens do in the body to support the athlete? When is it beneficial to take them? Use them before or during long races? Best types and more? -Female […]

Sports Nutrition: Ben’s ‘Rebuttal’ to Matt Fitzgerald, Best and Worst Magnesium Supplements, Get Rid of Gas, Caff vs. Decaf, The Deal on Sugar Alcohols, and More

Ben Greenfield is back! On this show we hear: -Ben’s take on Matt Fitzgerald’s stance on sports nutrition, including the use of certain supplements, specific diets, and more -Being aware of and avoiding food/drink additives -Recommendations for magnesium supplements — pill, liquid, transdermal, brands, and why. Plus what to avoid? -Is Magnesium Stearate really that […]

ATC: Reverse vs. Traditional Periodization, Tackling the Offseason, Structure Your Non-Training Hours, Nail a Faster Run in Long-Course Triathlon and More

We’re back! Loaded episode with answers to your questions on what can you do for exercise/strength with a broken hand/wrist, benefits/negatives of minimalist shoes and when to wear them, problem with MAP, reverse periodization v traditional  periodization and when it’s appropriate to use one vs. the other (hint: race distance/intensity matters!), build up cold-weather resistance and hypothermia in an ultra, training […]

ATU: For Care 101, Beach Running, Returning From Injury, Motivation in Offseason, How Low Can MAF Volume Be, Transitioning to MAF Training and More

We answer your questions on how best to return to running after injury when marathon is the goal, when/if is it appropriate to switch to MAF training while still in race season, why you’d be getting major fatigue/soreness in upper thigh after runs, training for an ultra on the beach/sand and how much training on […]

The Recovery Pack

The Recovery Pack is designed by Pacific Elite Fitness coach and sports nutritionist Ben Greenfield for healing muscles and for bouncing back from a hard workout or race as fast as possible. When you want to reap every shred of benefit from your training session, you need to give your muscles the nourishment they need […]

ATC: Reaching Race Weight Safely, Is Your Hard Group Session Killing MAF Training, Weights Before or After Running, Ironman at Altitude, Key Short-Course Tri Run Workouts, and More

Lucho joins to answer your questions on what does race day insurance actually do for you, swimming into a strong current, sticking to Z2 per the coach’s request, does a weekly hard group ride kill MAF training, training for an Ironman at altitude, does lung training help for high altitude racing, what to do about […]

Go All Day Long With Our New “Endurance Pack”

The Endurance Pack is designed by endurance coach and sports nutritionist Ben Greenfield for optimizing workouts, events and races of 2+ hours while keeping the body in maximum fat burning mode and reducing intake of high sugar and high caffeine compounds. The Pack contains all our recommended endurance supplements: 60 packets UCAN Superstarch, 30 packets […]

The Endurance Pack

The Endurance Pack is designed by endurance coach and sports nutritionist Ben Greenfield for optimizing workouts, events and races of 2+ hours while keeping the body in maximum fat burning mode and reducing intake of high sugar and high caffeine compounds. The Pack contains all our recommended endurance supplements: 60 packets UCAN Superstarch, 30 packets […]

Sports Nutrition: Importance of Blood Testing and Does it Affect Athletic Performance, Concocting a Supplmemnt ‘Cocktail’, The Best Sweeteners and More

Can blood tests and/or donating blood hurt athletic performance and for how long (and what’s the difference in measurements), insight on Ben’s recent blood test results, what to do to fix low hematocrit and low hemoglobin, how long of a workout before calories are needed, what’s an ideal list of supplements, are MAP and Extreme Endurance […]

Sports Nutrition: Fat-Adapted or Carb-Based Approach to Racing, The Argument for Less Fiber, and Yay or Nay to Chocolate Milk?

Taking a fat-adapted or carb-based approach to racing and the differences, do different diets work best for different people, how can a person go about experimenting to find out which is best for him or her, etc.; chocolate milk as recovery; MAP to heal injury; pre-race fueling and hydration for shorter races i.e. 15ks; is […]

Sports Nutrition: Kudos or Criticism for Costco, Calculating Calories to Prevent Weight Gain, And More

Ben Greenfield joins the show to answer your questions on whether it’s ok to shop at Costco – what to avoid, what to buy; positives/negatives of a strict macrobiotics diet; benefits of maca power and fulvic acid; amino acid alternatives to MAP to save money; correct dosing for MAP; calculating calories to cut or maintain weight; fuel when […]

Sports Nutrition: Wash and Soak Your Grains, Supplements During Offseason, and More

Ben Greenfield joins the show to answer your questions on why it’s imperative that we wash and soak our grains (especially for athletes) and how to do so, how to rebound from low estrogen, how does sport supplement dosage change during offseason/low training periods (i.e. MAP, Extreme Endurance), supplements related to fat metabolism like chromium picolinate and […]

Ask the Doc: Recovering From A Bulging Disc, Essential Supplements for Health

Dr. David Minkoff joins the show to answer your questions on tips  for a healthy back after a bulging disc in order to get back to training/racing, the top supplements for well-rounded health and injury resilience, the correct dosing of MAP for Ironman/long races, risks of enbrel for psoriasis, help to relieve chronic hamstring pain, using Epsom salt […]

Sports Nutrition: Alcohol’s Effect on Fat Oxidation, Benefits of ‘High-Fat’ Coffee

Ben Greenfield joins the show to answer your questions on how drinking alcohol effects fat oxidation especially when trying to become a fat-adapted athlete, using a pure Cod Liver Oil liquid vs. Omega 3 pills, adding butter and coconut oil to your coffee and thoughts on “bulletproof” coffee, managing food intake after bariatric surgery patient in an Ironman triathlete, […]

Free Replay of the “Live From Kona” Sports Nutrition Q&A Video With Ben Greenfield & Tawnee Prazak

Video streaming by Ustream In this video, Ben Greenfield and Tawnee Prazak answer a ton of questions, including: I wake up in the middle of the night starving and cannot get back to bed until I eat something. I already am on a reduced carb diet with no processed grains, lots of healthy fats, and […]

Sports Nutrition: Fish Oil vs. Vegetarian Omega-3 Sources and More

Ben Greenfield joins to answer your questions on if it’s ever OK to give kids sugar-free juice drinks (and what’s so bad about them), comparing fish oil v. vegetarian sources of Omega-3 fatty acids, do we actually burn caffeine and how long does it last in us while exercising, thoughts on UCAN super starch, and […]

Sports Nutrition: Do You Crush Your Pills and Eat ‘Em?

Ben Greenfield joins to answer your questions on ways to take MAP (or any pill) during a race if swallowing is tough, using an IV concoction for race hydration, thoughts on 3Fuel and Vemma, is mineral water more beneficial than regular water, and what to eat/drink before and during a sprint triathlon. Ask your questions on our […]

Sports Nutrition: Recover From Dehydration, Fish Oil Alert

Ben Greenfield joins to answer your questions on what to eat between back-to-back marathon days, are ground chia seeds better, secretagogues, recovering from dehydration, what you should look for in a fish oil (and what to avoid), MAP during a long event, and how to best use caffeinated gels without overdoing the caffeine. Click here to […]

Ask the Doc: Adequate Protein For Those With Kidney Issues

Dr. David Minkoff joins to answer your questions on kidney disease and using MAP for protein, more on acid reflux, and bone marrow donations. Click here to download audio.

Sports Nutrition: Fueling Strategies for Fat Loss and Performance

Ben Greenfield joins to answer your questions on coconut water v. sport drinks for long ride, fasted v. non-fasted workouts for fat loss and improved running performance,  insight on Master Amino Pattern (MAP) supplement, deciding on a new supplement in your diet and more. Click here to download audio.


THE HIGH MAKING THE TOUGHEST RACE ON EARTH IS IN THE PROCESS OF BEING MADE INTO A FILM LEARN MORE HERE It is three in the morning and it is happening again. I am waking up from a dead sleep and gasping for breath, but this time it is combined with a nightmare that I […]

Trail running in Nisene Marks, California

I love running in the Forest of Nisene Marks! Similar to the sights and smells of the ocean, those of a redwood forest remind me of growing up in Santa Cruz – of camping and hiking in Big Sur and Big Basin, of summers at Camp Kennolyn, of childhood friends whose families lived up in the […]

Ultrarunning: Tapering for Optimal Performance

This article is part of Endurance Planet’s ultrarunning article series. If you have questions, comments or feedback about “Tapering for Optimal Performance”, please leave it below in the comments section… The taper is more than just a much needed rest after all that hard training. It is a critical period where the ultrarunner must find […]

100% Natural Alternative to Swallowing Capsules

Several weeks ago, we told you about capsules called “Master Amino Pattern“, or MAP, that literally make your soreness disappear if you pop a few after a workout. Now we’ve discovered an alternative for those of you who don’t like to swallow capsules – a powdered amino acid that actually tastes good, but is 100% natural and chemical-free. They’re […]

A Special Fix To Help Your Muscles Recover

If you’ve ever finished a workout, and wanted a big, fat juicy steak to help your muscles recover, but just can’t quite choke one down after walking in from a long run or bike ride, we’ve got the fix for you.  These special amino acid capsules not only pack the muscle recovery punch of eating a couple steaks, but […]

The Week in Multisport

Time again for a Week in Multisport Edition with Barry Siff of Daily Triathlon. This week, in addition to talking about all the latest race results, Barry tells us who he believes in the best triathlete in the world today. And, by the way, you don’t want to make this person mad.


About Us Endurance Planet is the premiere online destination for runners, cyclists, swimmers, triathletes, and adventure racers who want inspiration and education from podcasts, videos, articles and products to fuel their endurance passion. The show is owned and hosted by Tawnee Prazak, MS, CSCS. For sponsorship opportunities, show questions or general inquiries, contact us at The Voices & […]


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