Hillary Biscay: The 2013 Ultraman World Champion Opens Up on Her Training, Vegan Nutrition, Race Execution and More

We are joined by professional triathlete Hillary Biscay, who is fresh off the performance of a lifetime at the Ultraman World Championships in Hawaii where she was first female and third overall. On this show we get into the nitty gritty with Hillary to find out what led to her success in Hawaii this year, with loads of great tips for ultra athletes and endurance athletes in general. Hillary did this race in 2010, and used that experience to step up her game this year. It paid off, as she clearly was prepared to be an overall contender…

Specifically we discuss:
-What she changed this year vs. when she did this in 2010
-Her approach to training: intensities/pacing, mileage and volume, back-to-back workouts, etc.
-What guides Hillary’s training/racing: heart rate, power, pace, miles, and/or training partners/other athletes, etc
-Managing the training within a busy schedule (She’s a coach and business owner)
-What she ate for meals pre and post racing during Ultraman (Hillary is a gluten-free vegan athlete)
-What she ate and took in for calories during each leg of the race, and how that changed each day
-Does she count calories and worry about CHO/FAT/PRO ratio
-Race execution and strategies each day
-The conditions and dynamic of Ultrman vs. other triathlons
-Camaraderie among athletes and crews
-Toughest periods and dark spots, and overcoming those
-Other issues only ultra athletes experience (to quote her: “This may be TMI”)
-A little on the UM Hawaii course, weather conditions and “course markings”
-What’s next, and will she stick to doing Ultraman
…and much more!


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