Sports Nutrition: Challenges for the Vegan/Vegetarian Athlete

April 27, 2012
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Ben Greenfield answers your questions on if it’s beneficial to drink beer during an ultra, understanding ketosis, glutamine and BCAA for endurance athletes, tasty fish oil supplements, protein sources for vegans and vegetarians, does a vegetarian diet hurt recovery and performance,  and more. Ask your questions on our facebook page.

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Comments (4)

  • durianrider says:

    Hey Ben, I've won 4 out of 4 5000m races here on the Gold Coast in Australia. You won anything in your ketogenic state? 😉

    Has ANYONE won anything other than lesser performances in ketosis?

    • Nope, and that's why (if you listen carefully) I do not encourage ketosis as a high performance strategy, and instead, a health strategy. I drag out carbs when I need to go fast, but realize that I could be doing some health damage in the process.

      • durianrider says:

        So rice and bananas are 'toxic to the human body'?

        • Nope, not at all. But they do cause increased cellular metabolism and may potentially downregulate mTor gene, so it's just a matter of paying attention to how much cumulative fast burning energy you consume.

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