Sports Nutrition Special: Metabolic Efficiency Testing and Analysis with Dina Griffin and Tawnee Prazak

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Audio edition from this week’s video special featuring Dina Griffin, MS, RD, CSSD, METS, putting your host Tawnee Prazak through a metabolic efficiency test out of Kompetitive Edge in Denver, Colo. For EP’s YouTube page with the full video that also includes charts, graphs and more, head to
During the show you’ll learn what metabolic efficiency is, what it means for your performance, the test protocol, watching the test action, in-depth analysis of real test results, nutrition info for better fat-burning and more! And of course find out: is Tawnee actually good at burning fat for fuel?!
Dina works at Fuel4mance, which provides performance nutrition, testing and training solutions, and more, for athletes of all levels, ages and abilities across the country and world. Fuel4mance has books available online on Metabolic Efficiency, nutrition periodization principles, and more.

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