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Dr. Tim Noakes and Dr. Phil Maffetone: Guide to Hydration and Electrolytes, Hyponatremia Prevention, and Why Health Matters Above All

Dr. Tim Noakes and Dr. Phil Maffetone have followed each other and supported one another’s careers for decades, but they’ve never actually met. Until now. Endurance Planet brings these two brilliant men together for the first time in history, making for an instant classic podcast! LifeBEAM makes the world’s most advanced wearable instruments for measuring […]

Sports Nutrition: Fight Inflammation, How Much Water Per Hour is Too Much; Can You Bonk on Fat-Adapted Nutrition Protocol; and More

This episode is brought to you by Squatty Potty, which you can find out more at enduranceplanet.com/squattypotty. Use code “enduranceplanet” at checkout for a 15% discount exclusive to EP fans. Ben Greenfield joins us for this edition of Sports Nutrition. Topics covered and questions answered including: -Ben’s take on doing the Crossfit workout, Murph -Curcumin […]

Sports Nutrition with Dr. Tamsin Lewis: Heart Health, Hydration in Heat, Concussion Recovery, Alcohol Before a Race, and More

We’re joined by Dr. Tamsin Lewis, pro triathlete, for an episode of Sports Nutrition (and other health and wellness topics) to discuss the following: -Tamsin’s recent bike crash during a 70.3 and how she recovered quickly in order to race again -That first half-Ironman and how to figure out the right nutrition to avoid bonk -Can […]

Ultrarunning: Hydration

This article is part of Endurance Planet’s ultrarunning article series. If you have questions, comments or feedback about “Hydration”, please leave it below in the comments section… The need for sufficient and timely hydration during ultramarathons cannot be overstated. And runners need more than just the usual intake of fluids if they are to survive […]

Sports Nutrition: Hydration Special

On this special episode of Sports Nutrition, Ben Greenfield joins us to talk all about hydration and endurance sports. Learn about the detrimental effects of dehydration for endurance athletes, whether you can build a “tolerance” to staying hydrated with less fluids, hyperhydrating before a race and much more. Be sure to ask your sports nutrition […]


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