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THE HIGH MAKING THE TOUGHEST RACE ON EARTH IS IN THE PROCESS OF BEING MADE INTO A FILM LEARN MORE HERE It is three in the morning and it is happening again. I am waking up from a dead sleep and gasping for breath, but this time it is combined with a nightmare that I […]

The Endurance Planet Hour

On this week’s show we’ll introduce you to some people who can help you broaden your knowledge of the psychological and motivational components of training and racing. These are people who have been guests on Endurance Planet and have brought a unique perspective. They range from a world-champion coach to a bar-room brawling miler to a transformed man from Overland Park, Kansas.

The Endurance Planet Hour

This week’s Endurance Planet Hour is a “best of” edition featuring some of the favorite short stories and audio essays we’ve compiled over the years. Enjoy!

The Endurance Planet Hour

This week’s Endurance Planet Hour is a “best of” edition that focuses on what it takes…what it takes to win, what it takes to survive, and what it takes to emerge from trying situations with your character intact. We’ll hear first from three world champions—previous guests on endurance planet. Ironman champion Peter Reid, 70.3 Champion Joanna Zeiger, and Badwater ultra marathon champion Jamie Donaldson. We’ll also hear an extended short story called “The Winning Bug” written by Jackson Scholz which is a fictional account of a young man who want to win too badly.

The Endurance Planet Hour

This week’s Endurance Planet Hour focuses on 3 unsung heroes of the endurance sports world. Who are these heroes? Well, there’s “Dexter the Punisher” aka Ryan Dexter. There’s “Sam the Unseen” aka Sam Thompson. And there’s “The Amazing Lisa” aka Lisa Smith-Batchen. Superheroes? I’ll leave that up to you to decide. But, without question, they are people who are quietly achieving great things.

Pre-Race Calm Exercise

As a service to Endurance Planet listeners, we present you with this 5-minute relaxation exercise to put you in the proper mindset to train and race effectively—without undue anxiety. Thanks to Karen Dubs of Flexible Warrior.

Marathon & Beyond Monday: Hitting “The Wall”

“It felt like an elephant had jumped out of a tree onto my shoulders.” That’s how Dick Beardsley described hitting “The Wall” at the second marathon of his career. Most of us know what Beardsley spoke of but author and runner Sara Latta says that if you understand the scientific reasons behind “The Wall,” you should be able to avoid it. This week’s Marathon & Beyond Monday is a story from Latta. We hope it helps you avoid tree-dwelling elephants.

Charlie Engle on Running the Sahara

Ever heard an introduction to a talk that was longer than the talk itself? It usually happens when the the emcee can’t quite come up with the right adjectives to sufficiently explain the speaker’s accomplishments. That could easily happen with today’s podcast. But suffice it to say our guest has run across the Sahara—more than 4,500 miles in six countries in 111 days. He’s run across America, and he’ll soon tackle a new challenge. He’s Charlie Engle.

The Endurance Planet Hour

On this week’s Endurance Planet Hour we hear from a neuroscientist who is also an ultra-runner. He talks about the use of exercise as a treatment for depression and dementia. We also hear from a man you’ll find on Green Mountain every day—the incomparable Tony Krupicka.

Ironman Legend Mark Allen—2-3-2010

There is perhaps no bigger name in the sport of triathlon than our guest today. He went to Kona six years in a row hoping to win the Ironman Triathlon World Championship— and each time he came up empty handed. Then in 1989— in an epic battle with Dave Scott—he emerged victorious. From there, he would go on to win six world championships. He also dominated at the Olympic distance, winning the inaugural world championships…and putting together an undefeated streak of ten at the Nice International Championships. During a period of racing between 1988 and 1990 he entered 20 races and won them all.

I’m talking of course about Mark Allen who will be speaking at the 2010 USA Triathlon Art & Science of Triathlon International Coaching Symposium February 12th through the 14th in Colorado Springs.

Anxiety: From Pumped to Panicked—12-31-09

This week’s Human Kinetics Corner comes from the Human Kinetics book entitled The Sport Psych Handbook. foundations repair . It focuses on the chapter, Anxiety: From Pumped to Panicked. Our hope is that this edition will help you focus during the upcoming race season and harness your energies in a positive way. Click here to […]


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