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Sports Nutrition: Gaining Muscle and Burning Fat for Endurance Athletes, The Science of Combining Fast-Acting and Slow-Release Fuels, and Much More

Shop and save with the podcast at you support the show when you shop through us! – ALSO – Donate to EP for this year’s Week of Kona coverage! On this 226th episode of Sports Nutrition: Ben and Tawnee discuss their love for saunas and hot yoga plus the benefits of this kind of heat […]

Sports Nutrition: ‘No-Stress Approach to Diet’, Which Macronutrients Before Bed Are Best, and More!

Shop with Endurance Planet’s Favorites! We only team up with companies at whom we love and trust, and whose products and services we use and recommend ourselves. Ben Greenfield joins the show to answer your questions and dive deep into some super helpful topics for athletes looking to get the most from food. -Discussing […]

Sports Nutrition: Insulin and the Endurance Athlete, Carb Reloading, Monitoring Blood Glucose, and More

You can benefit from and its handpicked sponsors and affiliates by using special discounts and offers to enhance your training and health. We only team up with companies whom we love and trust, and whose products and services we use and recommend ourselves. Check out for more info. Ben Greenfield is back, and on today’s show […]

Sports Nutrition: Marijuana for Performance? Plus: Amino Acid Supplementing, Detecting Protein Deficiencies, Overtraining and More

Support the Podcast & Save! Shop & SAVE with EP at, and enjoy great savings on services and products we love and use ourselves! Every time you buy something through our shop page you are one step closer to your optimal health and performance AND you help keep Endurance Planet alive, it’s a win-win! […]

Sports Nutrition: Natural (and Effective) Anti-Inflammatories, Better Manage Your Electrolytes and Sweat, How to Promote ‘Better Blood’ and More

From recovery to sweat rates this show is jam-packed with cutting-edge sports nutrition and health information! Ben recently hung out with Dr. Allen Lim of Skratch Labs and the FeedZone cookbook, and we cover what went on in that conversation and much more including: The latest research on sodium, electrolytes and sweat and how you […]

Sports Nutrition: Timing of Macronutrients For Optimal Performance and Adaptations, Plus How to Add Lean Muscle Mass

We are joined by Ben Greenfield to answer your questions on: Adding Muscle: How to build muscle from weight training while doing endurance sports? What’s the endurance mileage limit if you are trying to gain muscle mass? What supplements/ whole foods are recommended to gain muscle mass? Mention of Master Amino Acid Pattern. Timing of […]

Sports Nutrition: Control Cortisol During Tough Training, Rethinking Free Radicals, Carb Refueling for the Fat-Adapted, and More

Ben Greenfield brings his expertise to Sports Nutrition and answers your questions and more on: How to get rid of fat cells permanently (hint: step outside your comfort zone and be willing to get chilly) New UCAN bars? Say what?! Cortisol control! What foods, supplements and low-stress practices can help lower/maintain good cortisol during high […]

Sports Nutrition: Fat-Adapted Recipes, Blood Testing’s Effect on Athletic Performance, Iceman’s WR, and More

Ben Greenfield joins us while in transit (aka at the airport – got to love the dedication!) to answer your questions on: Can routine blood testing actually have a negative effect on performance? Ben shares his most recent experience in which he found this to be the case. Is there a difference between black and […]

Sports Nutrition: How Much Booze Before it’s Bad News, Potent Health Elixir Ingredients, Resveratrol, Pre-Workout Supplements to Avoid, and More

Ben and Tawnee catch up and discuss the following nutrition and health topics: Ingredients for an easy-to-make potent health elixir drink, done a couple ways Booze! How much wine can you drink before It starts negatively effecting endurance training and workouts? More resources on alcohol discussed in show: – – Dave Asprey’s Bulletproof infographic […]

Sports Nutrition: Top Diet and Nutrition Trends of 2014 and What’s Next for 2015; Plus: Fueling for Obstacle Races

This show is sponsored by Generation UCAN SuperStarch. Find out more and save 15% at Ben Greenfield joins us for the last Sports Nutrition podcast of 2014, and fittingly we discuss the top trends in nutrition, diet and health over the past year; how this applies to athletes; and what’s ahead in 2015 and […]

Sports Nutrition with Matt Fitzgerald: Gluten, Grains and Dairy – Oh My! Plus: What To Eat and What to Avoid 48 Hours and 2 Hours Pre-Race, and More

Matt Fitzgerald, endurance sports guru, nutritionist, author, coach and athlete, joins us to answer your sports nutrition and diet questions. Specifically we cover: -More sleep or a “better” dinner: Is it better to sacrifice an hour or two of sleep to make and have a quality dinner, or to eat something quick and easy and not as […]

Sports Nutrition: Fueling Strategy of Ironman Champion Dr. Tamsin Lewis, Plus Her Diet Tips for Peri- and Menopausal Women, and More

Dr. Tamsin Lewis caught up with EP just a couple days before winning her first Ironman (IMUK) on Sunday (read about Tamsin’s win here). We talked with Tamsin in detail about her exact fueling plan for Ironman including breakfast, everything she’ll eat on the bike, run fueling, supplements that she takes, and more. Find out […]

Sports Nutrition: Fight Inflammation, How Much Water Per Hour is Too Much; Can You Bonk on Fat-Adapted Nutrition Protocol; and More

This episode is brought to you by Squatty Potty, which you can find out more at Use code “enduranceplanet” at checkout for a 15% discount exclusive to EP fans. Ben Greenfield joins us for this edition of Sports Nutrition. Topics covered and questions answered including: -Ben’s take on doing the Crossfit workout, Murph -Curcumin […]

Sports Nutrition: Ben on Fasting and IF, Carb Needs for Athletes Based on Intensity, Lower-Sugar Sports Drinks and Fat Adaptation, Weight-Loss Resources, and More

We are joined by Ben Greenfield for this episode of Sports Nutrition, to answer your questions on: -Nutrition/fueling for obstacle racing -What does Ben think of the hypothesis and ideas presented by Ray Cronise, which were featured on a recent podcast with Tawnee. -Fasting and intermittent fasting – what defines IF and when is it […]

Sports Nutrition: Healthy Pregnancy Tips, Safely Lose Weight While Still Training, Get Rid of Excess Skin Post-Weight Loss, Beta-Alanine and More

Ben Greenfield joins the show to discuss and answer your questions on: -Top things recommended for a pregnant endurance athlete (triathlete) in regards to nutrition — macronutrients/micronutrients, supplements, other baby-friendly practices, resource recommendations, and even how to handle those cravings -Extra skin after extreme weight loss: how to measure how much skin, how to get […]

Sports Nutrition with Dr. Tamsin Lewis: Heart Health, Hydration in Heat, Concussion Recovery, Alcohol Before a Race, and More

We’re joined by Dr. Tamsin Lewis, pro triathlete, for an episode of Sports Nutrition (and other health and wellness topics) to discuss the following: -Tamsin’s recent bike crash during a 70.3 and how she recovered quickly in order to race again -That first half-Ironman and how to figure out the right nutrition to avoid bonk -Can […]

Sports Nutrition with Matt Fitzgerald: Exclusive Inside Look Into ‘Diet Cults’ and Dispelling the ‘One-True-Way’ Eating Mentality

We are joined by sports nutritionist Matt Fitzgerald again for an exclusive look into his new book, “Diet Cults” in an interview unlike any you’ve yet to hear with Matt thus far. We talk about everything from Agnostic Healthy Eating to proven secrets to successful weight loss, and much more. Get a glimpse into this […]

Sports Nutrition: At-Home Glucose Testing for Carb Optimization, Benefits of Alkaline Foods, Remedies for Pesky Colds, and More

Ben Greenfield joins the show to answer your questions and discuss the following sports nutrition topics: – -The possibility of depleting mineral stores while going low carb. -The 7 supplements for low carb dieters, and why/when we need them -At-home blood glucose testing to gauge carb intake -Alkalinity: What are the facts, ins/outs, risks/benefits of […]

Sports Nutrition: Honey vs. Maple Syrup for Fuel, How Long to Get Fat-Adapted, Colitis Help, BP Coffee Pre-Race, and More

Ben Greenfield joins the show to answer your questions on: The benefits/ pros and cons of honey vs. maple syrup for fueling endurance and in general How long does it take to become ‘fat adapted’ — in life and for enhanced sport performance Locust-based protein powder (and also: lotus root) Help for athlete with ischemic […]

Video Podcast: Metabolic Efficiency Test with Host Tawnee Prazak

Join host Tawnee Prazak as she travels to Kompetitive Edge in Denver, Colo., for a metabolic efficiency test with Dina Griffin, MS, RD, CSSD, METS. Dina works at Fuel4mance, which provides performance nutrition, testing and training solutions, and more, for athletes of all levels, ages and abilities across the country and world. Fuel4mance has books […]

Sports Nutrition Special: Dr. Tamsin Lewis on Having Carbs and Burn Fat Too, Fueling for Females, Hormone Issues, Supplements and More

Dr. Tamsin Lewis, profession triathlete and sports medicine doctor, joins the show for a special edition of Sports Nutrition. Topics covered in this show include: -Her background and overcoming an eating disorder to become a strong pro triathlete -Fueling and hormonal issues for female endurance athletes -Disordered eating in endurance sports that can have negative […]

Sports Nutrition: Training the Gut for Racing, How To Cut Weight While Training, Antioxidant Usage in Foods vs. Supplements, Fueling for Bike Commuting, Thyroidectomy Issues, and More

Ben Greenfield joins to answer your questions on: -Soda stream recipes, and adding Mg powder to carbonated water -Should we avoid over using antioxidants during training (when stress/adaptation are critical) but continue to use, or even increase the use of antioxidants during races. -Antioxidants in supplements vs. foods and what we need, what to avoid […]

Sports Nutrition: Vegan Supplementing To Avoid Common Deficiencies, Kombucha Guidelines, Easy and Healthy Travel Food, Plus: Standing Work Stations and Inversion Tables

Ben Greenfield joins to answer your questions on: -Healthy and easy meals and snacks on-the-go when traveling with kids or at places like amusement parks -Pros and cons of a standing working station for athletes -MCT powder vs. the oil -Fixing deficiencies in a vegan diet including low iron, as well as other supplements to […]

Sports Nutrition: Understanding Adaptogens and Their Pros and Cons for Athletes, Figuring Out Ideal Carb Intake (Female Specific), Safe Storage Containers, Beet Juice vs. Smoothies

Ben Greenfield joins to answer your questions on: . -Adaptogens and what are they? Are there any worries with intake of too much of adaptogens? What different adaptogens do in the body to support the athlete? When is it beneficial to take them? Use them before or during long races? Best types and more? -Female […]

Sports Nutrition: Get Your Best Rest on Race Eve, The Low-Carb ‘Faster’ Study, Maximize Vitamin D Absorption, and More

Ben Greenfield joins the show to talk sports nutrition and more. We cover: . -Thoughts on elevation training masks -Ben’s experience in the new low-carb athlete study (aka The Faster Study) with Dr. Jeff Volek and Steve Phinney; the testing protocol; Ben’s VO2max, threshold and fat-burning results (in detail!); implications of the study and more […]

Sports Nutrition: Are Women’s-Specific Nutrition Products Necessary, Breakdown of Amino Acids in Supplements like MAP, Finding Your Right Diet and More

Ben Greenfield joins the show to answer your questions and talk the latest in sports nutrition. On this show we discuss: -The benefits on eating organic grassfed heart: its mitochondrial content, dense nutrient profile, and heart’s potential benefit for athletic performance -Are women’s-specific nutrition products necessary, and more details on female stuff: the menstrual cycle, […]

Sports Nutrition: Ben’s ‘Rebuttal’ to Matt Fitzgerald, Best and Worst Magnesium Supplements, Get Rid of Gas, Caff vs. Decaf, The Deal on Sugar Alcohols, and More

Ben Greenfield is back! On this show we hear: -Ben’s take on Matt Fitzgerald’s stance on sports nutrition, including the use of certain supplements, specific diets, and more -Being aware of and avoiding food/drink additives -Recommendations for magnesium supplements — pill, liquid, transdermal, brands, and why. Plus what to avoid? -Is Magnesium Stearate really that […]

Sports Nutrition with Matt Fitzgerald: Achieving Your Race Weight plus When and How, Using Nutrition Supplements vs. Whole Foods, Post-Workout Fueling Ideas, BCAA Use and More

Special guest host, Matt Fitzgerald joins as our sports nutrition expert. On this show we talk a little about his new book that’s now available, The Racing Weight Cookbook, and Matt gives answers to your sports nutrition questions on: -how far away from an A race we should try to hit our race weight, and how to safely […]

Sports Nutrition: How Malotdextrin Affects Blood Sugar, Why You Should Add Oil of Oregano To Your Shelf, Ultrarunning and Pregnancy, Beet Juice Dosing, and More

Ben Greenfield joins to answer your questions on: -Maltodextrin and the impact on your blood sugar, and using it in sports nutrition products vs. regular food -Difference between regular flake oregano and oil of oregano, and why oil of oregano is good -Thoughts on essential oils and how they can benefit endurance athletes -Update on […]

Sports Nutrition: Weight Loss The Fat Adapted Way, Is Calories-Counting a Waste, Vitamin D or D3 This Winter, Egg Intolerances and More

Ben Greenfield joins to answer your questions: -Taking Vitamin D or D3 in the winter as a supplement -Developing an intolerance and inability to eat eggs in the morning — why and what are good low carb breakfast ideas for an endurance athlete -Weight loss and doing it fat adapted — do’s and don’t and […]

Sports Nutrition: Holiday Food Talk, New Research Saying Vitamins Are A Waste, Should You Adopt a Kenyan-Like Diet, and More

Ben Greenfield joins us to talk about some favorite holiday food recipes, and answer your questions on recent research saying that vitamins and supplements are a waste and potentially bad, homemade deodorants, low-carb fat-adapted fueling for crit bike racing, analyzing the Kenyan diet in relation to athletic performance and Type II diabetes, should we eat […]

Sports Nutrition: Protein Needs for Concurrent Training, Which ‘Diet’ for Healthy Gut Microbiome, Targeting Fat Loss and More

Ben Greenfield joins us to answer your questions on: -Protein needs for concurrent workouts combining strength and cardio. – importance of the microbes in your gut, and which diet of eating style is best for keeping that healthy -half ironman nutrition considerations – electrolytes, bars, gels, sports drink, etc -fueling for 3-6 hour dirt bike racing […]

Nutrition and Recovery Roundtable with Ben Greenfield from Thailand

In lieu of our sports nutrition show with Ben Greenfield, we have an exclusive podcast featuring a special seminar Ben conducted during his Thanyapura triathlon camp in Thailand, which includes tons of important information about how to optimize your recovery and optimize your diet as a triathlete and endurance athlete. Click here to download audio.

Kona Special: Pro Triathlete Dr. Tamsin Lewis on Her Experience in the Med Tent at the Ironman World Championships

As part of our ongoing Kona coverage, we are joined by pro triathlete Dr. Tamsin Lewis, who volunteered for medical at the Ironman World Championships this year. We’re going to hear from Tamsin the most common problems and issues she saw in participants, from mild to extreme, with her advice on solutions to prevent such […]

Kona Exclusive: Pro Triathlete Kim Schwabenbauer on Making the KPR Cutoff, Thoughts on the System, Plus Her Life as a Coach, Nutritionist and More

Kona lives on at EP! On this special episode we’re joined by professional triathlete and business owner Kim Schwabenbauer to talk about her experience racing in the Ironman World Championships this year (her third time racing Hawaii, but first as a pro). Kim was one of the final women to make the cut off in the […]

Sports Nutrition: Our Take on ‘Feedzone Portables’, Test if You’re Fat-Adapted, What’s Oxaloacetate and Why You’d Want it, Bulletproof Tea, The Low Down on GMOs and Top Foods to Avoid, and More

On this episode we’re joined by Ben Greenfield to answer your questions on: -Recipes in the “Feedzone Portables” cookbook for fat-adapted athletes and is it ok to fuel with these things -Knowing if you’re fat-adapted, how to test, and choosing your fueling protocol appropriately -Supplement talk: pros and cons of L-arginine, beta-alanine -Other supplements we discuss: […]

Sports Nutrition: Beetroot Extract, Osmolality For a Happy Gut, Minimize Negative Effects of Beer, Butter and Cholesterol, and More

Waking up at night hungry – eat or ignore it, and what to eat; pros and cons of bread/toast as a pre-race meal, how can sports drinks with lower osmolality be used along with other products to get in enough calories for 70.3/IM distance events; is beetroot extract just as effective for improving endurance (and other similar […]

Kona AG’er Exclusive: Mark Zanker on Being Vegan, Training ‘By Feel’ and Going Sub-10 at the Ironman World Championships

We catch up with triathlete Mark Zanker of Australia, who recently went 9:43 in the Ironman World Championships, his first time racing Kona. Mark is a vegan athlete; he trains intuitively and doesn’t use HR, power or pace; and he manages a full-time job and big family. Just this year he turned vegan, and also […]

Week of Kona: Ben Greenfield’s Ironman World Champs Recap with Nutrition Details and More From the Big Island

While we were still in Kona, Ben, Tawnee and Brock (from the BGF podcast) got together Sunday evening after the race to talk about Ben’s last Ironman in Kona. We kept it light and had some fun, while also getting some great details from Ben on his nutrition (and what went wrong and what he […]

Week of Kona: Nutrition Plans of The World’s Best Age Groupers at the Ironman World Championships

We’ve been among all these folks who made it to Kona, and we wanted to find out what they use for fuel. On this show, we feature 13 triathletes – 12 amateurs and 1 pro – who qualified or got a spot for Kona sharing their sports nutrition details for the Ironman World Championships. Specifically, […]

Sports Nutrition: Naturally and Safely Increase RBC Count, Avoid Ruining Your Testosterone, UCAN for High Intensity, Good and Bad Snacks, Getting Fat on LCHF and More

Ben joins to answer your questions on how to naturally and safely increase red blood cell count, having high testosterone, things you can do that kill testosterone level (aka things to avoid doing), can you use UCAN for high intensity work and how, cleaning up the diet and looking for good snacks, the deal with […]

Sports Nutrition: Over-eating and Overtraining, Body Image Issues, Efficacy of Carb Blocking Supplements, Safe Sea Salt and More

Should there be concerns with certain types of sea salt and the source, iodine, are there any gels that you don’t need to take at the same time as water, is there a correlation between overeating and starting to overreach or over train, body image issues, efficacy of carb blockers like Apple Cider Vinegar, Glucosolve, Bitter melon extract, […]

Sports Nutrition: Noakes’ Low-Carb vs. Rich Roll’s High-Carb/Vegan Diet, Vinnie Tortorich’s NSNG, LCHF vs. Ketosis, How Much Fiber Is Too Much Before a Race, and More

Ben joins us for this episode of Sports Nutrition to talk about what to make of the opposing viewpoints of Tim Noakes’ low-carb diet approach compared with Rich Roll’s high-carb (~80%) vegan approach to diet especially when each proclaim benefits of both, also thoughts on Vinnie Tortorich’s “No Sugar No Grain” approach, as well as […]

Sports Nutrition Archives: A Year Ago This Week Featuring Tips of Vegas 70.3 Worlds and More

What a difference a year makes! We dig into the Endurance Planet archives to bring you this episode from just about a year ago titled: “Sports Nutrition: Racing in Vegas Heat, Brewer’s Yeast and More,” featuring Ben Greenfield talking about his prep for 70.3 Worlds in Vegas and answering your questions on Brewers yeast, nutritional yeast, why […]

Sports Nutrition: Rock The Best Eggs and Bacon, Ketogenic Ironman Racing, Hazards of Microwaves, Pre-Race Carbs and More

A word on Ben’s Ironman in a keotgenic state, hat’s the best storage for coconut oil – glass, plastic, a clear not clear container, or does it matter; what are the best kind of eggs to buy and what to avoid based on how they’re raised, etc.; the lowdown on bacon; is it OK to microwave […]

Sports Nutrition: The Harms of NSAIDs, Stay Hydrated and Healthy When Flying, Can High-Fat Cause Heartburn, Ratio of Fat to Protein For Long Races, and More

Why are NSAIDs (Ibuprofen, etc) bad for athletes and in general, how flying affects hydration and tips to stay healthy when traveling, can fatty foods before a run cause heartburn, recommended ratio of fats and protein for ultra events, why do so many nutrition products still contain wheat/gluten/grains, is oral and transdermal Mg supplementation recommended, […]

Sports Nutrition: Is there a Correlation Between HR and Calorie Intake, Picking Pure Protein Powders, Can You Have Too Many Veggies, And Much More

Is there a correlation between heart rate and calorie intake, how HRV may be a better tool than resting HR, using  freeze-dried food for endurance fuel,  Sun Warrior protein and other criteria for picking protein powders, are you getting enough carbs with veggies, supplements that claim to induce a super high insulin response, and much more. Click here […]

Sports Nutrition Special: Ben Greenfield Chats with Star of ‘Cereal Killers’ Documentary

In lieu of the normal Sports Nutrition show, we are giving you a special show featuring Ben Greenfield in an interview with Donal O’Neill, the main subject of the documentary Cereal Killers, in which Donal is on a quest to hack his genes for healthier living. Click here to download audio. Also… Check out a […]

Sports Nutrition: Special Announcement from Tawnee and Ben, Plus Brain-Boosting Coffee Concoctions, Real Food Fueling, Ketogenic Racing, and More

Ben and Tawnee make a special announcement for our listeners at the end of the show, plus answers to questions on Bulletproof coffee and other coffee concoctions, maca root capsules, “real” food better than gels for endurance events, advice on a nutrition plan for a 70.3 in a ketogenic state, is drinking unsweetened seltzer water safe, the best way to […]

Sports Nutrition: Why Electrolytes Aren’t A Total Waste After All, Your Gut in Heat, Is there A Cure for Cankles, Nutrition for Endurance Swim Events and More

Is there a nutritional supplement to prevent “cankles” and lower leg swelling for those in their feet at work all day (and other ways to help the legs), nutrition strategies for a long swim event, how does heat affect nutrition requirements/intake in the body during exercise, electrolytes may not be necessary but how can they still help, […]


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