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Ep. 1 Project ZENdurance: Brett Blankner’s Quest to Triathlon Glory

We’re debuting a new series on Endurance Planet featuring Brett Blankner of Zen and the Art of Triathlon “hiring” Tawnee as his coach to see if she can help him achieve his goals in long-course triathlon racing. Consider it a bit like a reality triathlon if you will. Brett is the “everyman” athlete and represents […]

Liz Lyles: Top U.S. Female at Kona on Her Rise To Success, Being Full-Time Mom, and More

Pro triathlete Liz Lyles  was this year’s top U.S. female in the Ironman World Championships going 9:18:11, in a stacked field of American ladies (13 who raced, in fact!). Liz started triathlon in 2002, but gave it up for a while to have kids. She resumed the sport and got her pro card. Since then […]

ATC: Hill Workouts for Ultras, Last-Minute Ironman Training Plan, Scheduling 2015 Triathlons, Higher HR in Racing Than Training, and More

We are back with Ask the Coaches and Lucho! On this show get Lucho’s analysis of Kona and answers to your questions on: Legs cramping and pains leading to a DNF in an ultra (Vermont 50) – figuring out what went wrong to be stronger next time, Our top hill training workouts for ultras and […]

Matt Dixon: Purplepatch Coach on His Pros Racing IM World Champs, Inside His New Book ‘The Well-Built Triathlete,’ and More

Today, Tawnee gets down and dirty with coach Matt Dixon, the founder of purplepatch, takes us inside his mind on how to effectively coach athletes looking beyond just the day-to-day training. We dive inside the topics presented in his newly released book titled The Well Built Triathlete: Turning Potential into Performance. And of course, we […]

Triathlete Matt Bach: Newly Crowned Ironman Champion on Winning IM Maryland as an Amateur, Plus His Metabolic Efficiency, Kona Goals, and More

Meet Ironman Champion Matt Bach, 27, of New Jersey. Matt’s a member of Team Zoot and a triathlete since 2010. On Sept. 20, 2014, Matt won IMMD in 8:51 with a 1:05 swim, 4:41 bike and 3:00:25 run, which earned him the win by more than 5 minutes. IMMD was the first Ironman to not feature […]

Mark Allen and Dr. Phil Maffetone: Their First-Ever Dual Interview On The Grip’s Legendary Ironman Success (Using MAF Method), The Current State of Triathlon Racing, Coaching Modern Athletes, and More

Endurance Planet makes history by bringing together two legends for their first-ever dual interview: six-time Ironman World Champion Mark Allen and Dr. Phil Maffetone, who was Mark’s coach that led him to the ultimate success in long-course triathlon racing. Specifically we dig into: Part 1: Mark & Phil’s History and Using MAF! -How Mark and […]

Tri News with Thorsten Radde: Weekend Race Recaps, Final KPR, and a Chance for More Female Pro Slots for Kona 2014?

We’re joined by Thorsten Radde of for a quick recap of last weekend’s Ironman racing (Aug. 23-24), which was the last weekend for points that go toward this year’s Ironman World Championships. Who made the cut, who just missed it? We also talk about some developing news regarding the female professional women who were  reportedly given […]

ATC: Killer Cycling Workouts in Under an Hour, Music as an Ergogenic Aid, Power Meter or a Coach, Run Video Analysis, and More

This episode of Ask the Coaches is brought to you by Squatty Potty, which helps you achieve the perfect poop; find out more at Choose from multiple designs and use the code “enduranceplanet” for a 15% discount! On this episode, Lucho and Tawnee team up to cover all this and more: -Fly fishing and shark […]

ATC: Ironman Run Workouts, Watts for Half-Ironmans vs. Aquabikes, Yay or Nay to Running Streaks, Avoiding Injury Risk in Ultrarunning Training, Liquid Nutrition, and More

This episode of Ask the Ultrarunner is brought to you by Squatty Potty; find out more on how to achieve the perfect poop at Use the code “enduranceplanet” at checkout for 15% discount. On this show, Lucho and Tawnee discuss the following based on your questions: -Tips to train (bike) in Arizona heat and not […]

Triathlete Spotlight: Lyndee Prazak on Her First Ironman as a Masters Athlete, Nailing Nutrition, the Whistler Course, and More

On this special episode, Tawnee’s mom, Lyndee Prazak comes on the show to talk about her first-ever Ironman that she recently completed in Whistler, Canada. Pictures of her day included in this post. Lyndee, 56, was coached by Tawnee for the race, and we talk about what it was like to make the leap into […]

Triathlon News with Thorsten Radde: KPR Update With July Cutoffs for Kona, The Women’s Pro Race Debate Heats Up, and More

Thorsten Radde, of and author of the KPR Observer, joins the show again for the latest after the July cutoffs on the Kona Points Rankings (race reports on IM Zurich, IM Lake Placid, IM Canada). Tune in to find out who’s locked in for the Ironman World Championships, who’s on the bubble, and how […]

ATC: Tapering 101, Top TRX Moves for Runners, IM Boulder, Race Pacing Using Watts, Training Between Big Races and More

This episode of ATC is brought to you by SweetBeatLife. Right now you can enter to win a free HealthPatch kit valued at $250 by sharing your SweetBeatLife “geek screen” (screenshot) on your Facebook, then liking and commenting on BeatHealthy’s FB page! (Tell SweetBeat that you shared your geek screen.) How to share geek screen: Make sure […]

Sports Nutrition: Fueling Strategy of Ironman Champion Dr. Tamsin Lewis, Plus Her Diet Tips for Peri- and Menopausal Women, and More

Dr. Tamsin Lewis caught up with EP just a couple days before winning her first Ironman (IMUK) on Sunday (read about Tamsin’s win here). We talked with Tamsin in detail about her exact fueling plan for Ironman including breakfast, everything she’ll eat on the bike, run fueling, supplements that she takes, and more. Find out […]

ATC: Training to Train, Road vs. Tri Bike for Hilly Ironmans, Old-School Marathon Training Plans, Holy Shoes?! And More

This episode of Ask the Coaches (ATC) is brought to you by Conquer Bikes, the only fully custom wheels around. Find out more and build yours now at Lucho and Tawnee are back for ATC. On this show they catch up and answer your questions on: -Running shoe issue: Why would running shoes be […]

Multisport News with Thorsten Radde: Recap of Ironman European Championships, Issues With Female Pro Starts, Current KPR News and Much More

We are joined by triathlon expert Thorsten Radde who provides some of the most in-depth analyses of pro Ironman racing and the Kona Points Ranking (KPR) in existence. Thorsten’s Ironman ratings, reports and more can be found all at He also recently launched a cool new triathlon podcast called IM Predictions, as well as […]

Multisport News with Brett Blankner: Recapping A Huge Weekend of Triathlon Racing, Research on Hairy vs. Shaved Legs, and More Fun

Brett Blankner, host of Zen and the Art of Triathlon, fills in as co-host for this edition of Multisport News for a fun recap of some of the big races that occurred last weekend, June 28-29, including: -Ironman 70.3 Buffalo Springs Lake – pro results and a course rundown by Brett (hint: hot, hilly, hard) […]

ATC: Swim Stroke Analysis, In a Rut – What to Do, Reasons for High HRV After Racing, Budget for A Bike Fit, Final Prep for Placid and More

This episode of Ask The Coaches is brought to you by SweetBeatLife, which now is offered with a HealthPatch, which conveniently sticks to the skin and eliminates the need for a heart rate strap. Find out more at at On this episode Lucho and Tawnee talk discuss and give answers on: -Strength training and […]

ATC: Pros and Cons to Multiple Ironmans a Year, Heart Rate vs. Watts, Surfing for Swim Fitness, Cadence Talk, ‘Sami Style’ Minimalist Training, and More

This episode of “Ask the Coaches” is brought to you by the new and improved SweetBeatLife app by SweetWater Health, which measures heart rate variability (HRV) and much more with the utmost accuracy. Head to to learn more and download! In this show Lucho and Tawnee catch up on what’s new in their lives […]

Sports Nutrition: Healthy Pregnancy Tips, Safely Lose Weight While Still Training, Get Rid of Excess Skin Post-Weight Loss, Beta-Alanine and More

Ben Greenfield joins the show to discuss and answer your questions on: -Top things recommended for a pregnant endurance athlete (triathlete) in regards to nutrition — macronutrients/micronutrients, supplements, other baby-friendly practices, resource recommendations, and even how to handle those cravings -Extra skin after extreme weight loss: how to measure how much skin, how to get […]

Sports Nutrition with Dr. Tamsin Lewis: Heart Health, Hydration in Heat, Concussion Recovery, Alcohol Before a Race, and More

We’re joined by Dr. Tamsin Lewis, pro triathlete, for an episode of Sports Nutrition (and other health and wellness topics) to discuss the following: -Tamsin’s recent bike crash during a 70.3 and how she recovered quickly in order to race again -That first half-Ironman and how to figure out the right nutrition to avoid bonk -Can […]

ATC: Heat Training, ‘Big Day’ For Ironman Training, Cycling Saddles, Coming Off Achilles Injury, Run Video Analysis and More

Lucho and Tawnee for Ask the Coaches: -Run video analysis featuring Nilo A. (see video below) -Followup comments on cortisone and ice baths. -Best tactics for training in the heat / training for a hot race? Heat acclimatization, etc. -Should runners switch to perceived exertion instead of heart rate on hot days, or have an […]

ATC: Our First-Ever Podcast Run Analysis, Balancing Your Strength and Running Training, Kona Lottery, and Weird Stuff Scene on Road

One of our most unique, informative and funniest episodes of Ask the Coaches to date with Lucho and Tawnee! We begin the show with our first-ever run analysis, as Tawnee and Lucho critique the run from this video submitted by Nathan. Listen to what the coaches have to say, and watch the video below to […]

Multisport News: St. George and Wildflower Recaps, Plus ‘The State of Triathlon’, Recent Trends, and More

We are joined by triathlon expert and LAVA Magazine Editor Brad Culp for a new edition of Multisport News. In this show we cover: -Results and recap of the US 70.3 Championships held at St. George, Utah, including detailed insight on the big-name pros who showed up to race. -Results and recap of the Wildflower […]

Endurance Love Diaries: Triathletes Mike and Lauren on Training Together, Getting Engaged, Wattie Ink. and Zoot Triathlon Teams, and More!

Endurance Planet continues our new feature “Endurance Love” podcasts that highlight a couple in endurance sports who rocks it in their relationship and in triathlon. This episode features triathletes Mike Feldman and Lauren Martz, of Indiana, who have quite the story to share starting with how they met, their not-so-average dating life, and most recently […]

ATC: Determining Race Pace, Top Swim Drills, Training on Road vs. Tri Bike, Apply MAF and Daniels’ Plans to Cycling, Cadence on the Bike, and More

Lucho and Tawnee team up to answer your questions on: . -How do you go about determining “race pace.” Specifically for a marathon and a BQ, but also for triathlon and in general. -When trying to stay around goal watts on bike, what’s your opinion on what to do when you get in a pack […]

ATC: Master Marathon Training, Wetsuit Talk, Aqua Jogging, How Much MAF Weekly Volume, and More

Lucho and Tawnee team up to answer your questions on: -Select and customize a good marathon training program to get to the next level — and specifics on choosing from Hudson, Friel, Hanson, Higdon, Daniels -Aqua jogging for injury, maintaining fitness and general cross training -Recommendation for a 12-week 10k program for an experienced runner. […]

Sports Nutrition Special: Dr. Tamsin Lewis on Having Carbs and Burn Fat Too, Fueling for Females, Hormone Issues, Supplements and More

Dr. Tamsin Lewis, profession triathlete and sports medicine doctor, joins the show for a special edition of Sports Nutrition. Topics covered in this show include: -Her background and overcoming an eating disorder to become a strong pro triathlete -Fueling and hormonal issues for female endurance athletes -Disordered eating in endurance sports that can have negative […]

ATC: Law of Diminishing Returns For Long Workouts, Should You Use Heart Rate in a Half-Ironman, Build a Stronger Ironman Run, Reverse Triathlon Strategy, Weighted Vests and More

Lucho and Tawnee team up for Ask the Coaches to chat and answer your questions: -Recap, stories and shoutouts from Oceanside 70.3 and Carlsbad 5000 -Back to back 70.3 racing with hopes of World Champ qualification – stragegizing -How much volume is OK without it negatively affecting key/more intense workouts -Massage in between back to […]

Scott Tinley: On The New, Insight on Triathlon Past and Present, Advice for Athletes in a ‘Transition’ Phase or Retirement, and More

Two-time Ironman World Champion and triathlon legend Scott Tinley joins the show to talk about a new project he’s spearheading, take a walk down memory lane, and more. What you’ll -Tinely and triathlon journalist Mike Planet recently launched, which documents the history of triathlon through stories, photos, insight from former pros and much […]

The Real Starky: Triathlon’s Parody Personality Makes His Podcast Debut, Gives Commentary on Ironman Melbourne, Crowie, Oceanside 70.3 Predictions and More

The Real Starky makes his exclusive podcast debut on Endurance Planet, and we get to know this mysterious character a bit more, why he’s doing what he’s doing, and perhaps even find out his real identity. (If you haven’t heard of him, he’s created a popular Twitter parody account in which he says it like […]

ATC: Tips for Stronger Cycling, Pros and Cons of Pre-Race Massage, Longest Swim for Half-Ironmans, Bike Commuting for Training, Crush it in Triathlon and Marathons, and More!

Lucho and Tawnee team up for “Ask The Coaches” to answer your questions on: -Planning a season around half-Ironman and marathon racing, and why “getting ahead” in run training is a great idea -What does it mean (and say about your level of fitness or lackthereof) when your Z2 HR from a typical Joe Friel/LTHR […]

ATC: Lucho on Leadman 2015, Maximize Short- and Long-Course Triathlon Performance This Season, Mastering The Swim Kick, Nutrition for Ironman, Changing Running Shoes, and More

Lucho and Tawnee present this episode of Ask The Coaches, featuring an intro talk about Lucho’s plan to return to racing! Specifically his goals for Leadman 2015, how he’ll manage it in his life and family, and more. Answers to your questions on: -Advice on how to approach training for optimal performance in short-course and long-course […]

Brock Armstrong: How Athletes Can Manage Anxiety for Better Health and Performance, Plus His Exclusive Account of Surviving Life-Threatening Heart Failure

Brock Armstrong is the popular co-host of the Ben Greenfield Fitness podcast, an endurance sports coach at Skywalker Fitness, and avid endurance athlete. For the first time ever he opens up on a podcast about his past, telling his story of experiencing an illness that led to multiple heart failures and near-death experiences, which ultimately transformed […]

ATC: Lucho’s Guide To Heart Rate Training, Improve VO2max in 7 Sessions, Causes and Remedies for Groin Pain, Common First-Timer Ironman Mistakes, Mighty Mitochondria, and More

Lucho and Tawnee join to answer your questions on: . -Racing an Xterra, 70.3, and Ironman in one season: When to ride the MTB vs. road/tri bike? Is a 3hr ride a 3hr ride regardless of the bike? -Three-year plan to try and qualify for Kona in the 40-44 age group for a reasonably well […]

Valentine’s With The Vogels: Behind the Scenes With a Badass Endurance Couple, Their Evolution into Elite Ultra-Racing and Triathlon, Tips on Making a Dual-Athlete Household Thrive, and More

Lane and Jennifer Vogel are not your ordinary couple. They’ve done Badwater, Marathon de Sables, multiple Ironmans (including Kona for Jennifer), and some. It wasn’t always this way with them, though. About 10 years they went from being relatively non-athletic to pursuing endurance sports when Jennifer got the bug to do a marathon. One thing […]

Mike Greer Part 1: Legendary Race Director on Running a Successful Triathlon – From Fees, to Safety, to Achieving Success and Satisfaction, and Much More

Have you ever wanted to know what goes on behind the scenes for a race director? We talked with legendary triathlete and RD Mike Greer, who founded the Buffalo Springs Lake Triathlon, a premiere Ironman 70.3 event, that will celebrate its 25th year running in 2014. We cover everything with Greer, relevant for the athlete […]

ATC: Training Tips for Short-Course Tri’s and Du’s, Diet’s Role on Heart Rate, DIY Bike Fit, How Long Does An Aerobic Base Stay With You, How Much You Need to Avoid De-Training, Motivation to Succeed Even if You Fail, Craft Beer Talk and More

Lucho and Tawnee team up for Ask the Coaches, including talk of Alan Webb moving to triathlon and one of our biggest tangents to date (at 1:16 in the show): -What do you want to see on a video podcast featuring Lucho and Tawnee? Tell us here. -Top tips for short-course triathlon and duathlon with […]

Athlete Spotlight: Ahmad Fahmy on Being a Non-Athlete to Sub-12 Ironman’er, Why It’s Not About Fancy Equipment, Seeking Redemption at Ultraman UK and More

EP’s on a quest to highlight the stories of everyday endurance athletes. In this athlete spotlight we’re joined by Ahmad Fahmy, a 35-year-old father and husband residing in London. Ahmad got into endurance sports in 2008 back when he had no idea how to even swim, and has since completed multiple Ironmans, ultra races and […]

ATC: Master Single-Leg Drill on the Bike, Quality Strength in Less than 20min, Which is Better – Fartlek vs. Intervals, Fueling for Multi-Day Races, and More

Lucho and Tawnee team up to answer your questions on: -Single-leg drill on the bike – whether do in aero or sitting up, and more on how to perfect this drill and your cycling pedal stroke -Will 70.3 training hinder performance in an upcoming ultra -Why eccentric contractions on downhill running kill your quads and […]

Pro Triathlete AJ Baucco: On His Punk Rocker ‘Bad Boy’ Roots and Transforming Into a Triathlon Stud

AJ Baucco, 27, is a rising star in the professional triathlon world, but what sets AJ apart from the rest of the field are his pre-triathlon days spent as a drummer in a successful punk rock band that was on national tour for many years. On this show AJ opens up about living the fast-paced […]

Multisport News: Brad Culp on What to Watch for in 2014, Top Three Moments of 2013, The Latest in the Triathlon World and More

We are joined by Brad Culp, editor of LAVA Magazine, to talk all about triathlon including: -Brad’s top-3 favorite moments of 2013: Fredrick Van Lierde’s Kona win and why, the Gomez and Brownlee sprint at London, Rinny second win in Kona -What to watch out for in 2014: disc brakes, new 70.3 Worlds venue, ITU […]

ATC: Should We Be Icing for Recovery, How Lydiard Can Help You, Inspiring Training Partners, Become More Durable, HR on Bike Vs. Run, When MAF is Too Slow, and More

Lucho and Tawnee answer your questions on :   -Quad cramping on runs after a bike -Can’t get HR up on bike, and HR differences in bike vs. run -concepts of Lydiard’s training and comparing that with MAF -losing extreme fitness in offseason and how to mitigate those losses -a few training partners who’ve inspired […]

Hillary Biscay: The 2013 Ultraman World Champion Opens Up on Her Training, Vegan Nutrition, Race Execution and More

We are joined by professional triathlete Hillary Biscay, who is fresh off the performance of a lifetime at the Ultraman World Championships in Hawaii where she was first female and third overall. On this show we get into the nitty gritty with Hillary to find out what led to her success in Hawaii this year, […]

ATC: Build Your Best Bike Setup, Reverse Triathlons, Side Stitch Remedies, Fasted Running, Research on CrossFit Injury Rates, Exercises for Imbalances and More

On this show we answer your questions on: -prioritizing advantages for the bike: wheels, frame weight, bike type, aero helmet, etc -our top picks for bucket list races -thoughts on reverse triathlons -mimicking the pre-race sedentary corral scenario in training by not warming up – smart or dumb -help for side stitches -cardiac drift and […]

Christian Isakson: On Racing The Ultraman World Championships This Weekend, Success at Ultraman Canada, and Much More

On this special episode, we’re joined by ultra endurance athlete Christian Isakson in the final few days before he races the three-day Ultraman World Championships in Hawaii that includes a 10k swim, 420.2k bike and 84.3k run. On this show we’ll hear about Christian’s year including the big success he had at Ultraman Canada (where […]

ATC: Strengthen Ankles and Shoulders, Cure Hip Drop While Running, Hormone Talk, How To Gradually Build Bike/Run Mileage, Going From Tri to Ultras and More

Lucho and Tawnee give answers to your questions on: -Building strong ankles that currently get sore from running; -What does “endocrine system being fried” mean plus info on adrenal fatigue and other hormonal issues; -How to safely build run and bike mileage for long-course triathlon and still recover well; -Training when you’re sick: to do […]

Brett Blankner of the ‘Zen and the Art of Triathlon’ Podcast on Getting the Most From Yourself, Training Tips, His Journey in Sport and Much More

We’re joined by Brett Blankner, host of the popular podcast, Zen and the Art of Triathlon, the longest running triathlon podcast around. On this show we get to know Brett, how he got starting in podcasting with the zen angle, and his athletic resume. We also hear tips from Brett on living a zen-lifestyle as […]

Kona Special: Pro Triathlete Dr. Tamsin Lewis on Her Experience in the Med Tent at the Ironman World Championships

As part of our ongoing Kona coverage, we are joined by pro triathlete Dr. Tamsin Lewis, who volunteered for medical at the Ironman World Championships this year. We’re going to hear from Tamsin the most common problems and issues she saw in participants, from mild to extreme, with her advice on solutions to prevent such […]

Kona Exclusive: Pro Triathlete Kim Schwabenbauer on Making the KPR Cutoff, Thoughts on the System, Plus Her Life as a Coach, Nutritionist and More

Kona lives on at EP! On this special episode we’re joined by professional triathlete and business owner Kim Schwabenbauer to talk about her experience racing in the Ironman World Championships this year (her third time racing Hawaii, but first as a pro). Kim was one of the final women to make the cut off in the […]

ATC: Low or High Intensity for Ironman Training and Figuring Out Your Formula, Training Tips to Fight Aging, When to Resume Training, Yay or Nay on Marathon Before IM, Tackling a 200-Mile ‘Dirty’ Bike Race and More

Lucho and Tawnee tackle your questions on: -Ironman training: all Z1/Z2/MAF or do higher intensities? -The aging athlete and ways to combat getting older -How many sessions a week of each discipline for triathlon -When to start training for your triathlon next season -training for your first a sprint distance, and where to start -offesason: […]


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