ATC 204: Finding Self-Discipline to Stay on Track, and More on ‘Ideal’ MAF Volume

March 4, 2016

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Nailing 50k nutrition and showing fat-adaptation in calorie needs

Using UCAN products to stay in fat-burning mode

Training and kids:

New dad with a new baby is finding that he’s not able to train, eating poorly, GI issues returned, and gaining weight–help!

The cashews that Tawnee loves

Going from sugar burner to fat burner with very good results in running and triathlon. Last December had a kid. Extra busy now. Doing daily runs of about 15-20 minutes, longer on weekends, combining it with crossfit-like workouts. Will this suffice to stay and/or get fit?

Using the Sami Inkinen approach

How much training volume is needed per week to instigate the beneficial changes of the MAF method training?

How often can you MAF train?

How much strength training can be done during a MAF training period?

Is there a place for doing the classical 6-10 50-100 meter strides at the end of a workout, working on leg turnover without taxing your system, in MAF training ?