ATC 206: From a 5:45 to 2:45 Marathon with MAF, Crossfit or Pilates for Injury Prevention and More

April 1, 2016

It’s Ragnar weekend with the EP crew! Follow us on Instagram for live updates.

On this show:

Tawnee discusses her double root canal extraction to eliminate underlying toxins
More on her blog here.

Marathon goal time for Boston? After losing 100 lbs and shaving 3hrs off the marathon, trying to figure out goal pace for Boston based on MAF data and 2:54 PR.

Combining triathlon and motocross racing.

Heat-adaptation techniques for a relay race in Mojave.

MAF test of: 6.11, 6.23, 6.24, 6.24, 6.27. How to predict a marathon time off this.

Finding a functional practitioner.

Crossfit woes: IT band issues, always sore, suffering during the runs. Switching to Pilates and working on core, glute med, etc… Go back to heavy lifting or no?

When your MAF and LT are too close, what to do for training and increasing range of fitness.