ATC: Heat Training, ‘Big Day’ For Ironman Training, Cycling Saddles, Coming Off Achilles Injury, Run Video Analysis and More

May 23, 2014

Lucho and Tawnee for Ask the Coaches:

-Run video analysis featuring Nilo A. (see video below)
-Followup comments on cortisone and ice baths.
-Best tactics for training in the heat / training for a hot race? Heat acclimatization, etc.
-Should runners switch to perceived exertion instead of heart rate on hot days, or have an allowance for a higher rate?
-Should you do a practice 70.3 for full Ironman training to dial in nutrition, pace, etc?
-Healing from an Achilles issue and how to know when to start running and training for triathlon again?
-Our opinions on cycling saddles, including brands/types we like, comfort, etc.
-Commuting to work on cyclocross bike- add additional weight (5 lbs.?) to even make those commuting days more fruitful?
-and more.

Click here to download audio.