ATC: Low or High Intensity for Ironman Training and Figuring Out Your Formula, Training Tips to Fight Aging, When to Resume Training, Yay or Nay on Marathon Before IM, Tackling a 200-Mile ‘Dirty’ Bike Race and More

November 8, 2013

Lucho and Tawnee tackle your questions on:

-Ironman training: all Z1/Z2/MAF or do higher intensities?

-The aging athlete and ways to combat getting older

-How many sessions a week of each discipline for triathlon

-When to start training for your triathlon next season

-training for your first a sprint distance, and where to start

-offesason: only focus on bike and run training, and start swim in spring, or all three all year?
-Beginning MAF: would you recommend staying away from steep hills in early MAF training because it usually means slowing to a walk
-Training tips and longest training rides for the 200 mile Dirty Kanza in Kansas
-Off season tips with your first Ironman next August
-What to do when you’re in base training and won’t have your real bike for three months (but spin bikes are available)
-How little running can one do in the last week before a marathon without losing fitness
-Is it realistic to try and go from a marathon PR of 3:32 to a BQ time of 3:05 training exclusively in MAF?
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