ATC: Master Marathon Training, Wetsuit Talk, Aqua Jogging, How Much MAF Weekly Volume, and More

April 18, 2014
Lucho and Tawnee team up to answer your questions on:
-Select and customize a good marathon training program to get to the next level — and specifics on choosing from Hudson, Friel, Hanson, Higdon, Daniels

-Aqua jogging for injury, maintaining fitness and general cross training

-Recommendation for a 12-week 10k program for an experienced runner.
-What are the pros and cons of a sleeveless wetsuit vs full sleeve? And thoughts on a two-piece.
-How to execute a great pre-race training trip on the course where you plan to race (i.e. Mont Tremblant for 70.3 Worlds)
-The “conflict” between what Dr. Phil says in his Big Book of Endurance Training about athletes often not needing more than 12 hours a week of endurance training — presumably at MAF — and the general agreement in the endurance community that if you don’t train intensely (above MAF), then you need to train long.
-Is there an advantage in training at least 50% at MAF and then doing threshold too?

-Training for endurance cycling event coming off injury (peroneal tendon and some achilles tendinitis) – MAF or intensity or both?

-and more!

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