ATC: New Study on Ultra Runners’ Health, Pros and Cons to Pose Running, Periodizing with MAF, Boulder 100, and More

January 23, 2015

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On this episode of Ask the Coaches:

  • New study on ultra runners looks at their health, injury rate and more.
  • How to know how long the long run should be for your running race (5k, 10k, half marathon, marathon); for shorter race = shorter long run? Or no? And how does this apply to a master’s athlete who’s looking to be extra nice on the body and not pound junk miles.
  • Can no longer hold MAF, and HR is way too high even when trying to run aerobically. What’s going on, and why we recommended getting a stress test, etc, to make sure health and wellness is prioritized.
  • MAF and weekly volume. Address the conflict between what Dr. Phil says in his Big Book of Endurance Training about athletes often not needing more than 12 hours a week of endurance training — presumably at MAF — and the general agreement in the endurance community that if you don’t train intensely (above MAF), then you need to train long.
  • Should you add bouts of intensity even if MAF focus is the goal, and when to start adding more intensity in your training and moving away from just MAF.
  • The Boulder 100, and Lucho on drinking beer (or lack thereof).
  • Our “pros and cons” to the Pose Running method.
  • Ragnar news from Lucho
  • and more!