ATC: Should You Postpone/Alter a Workout If You’re Not Feeling It, When To Replace Running Shoes, And More

March 20, 2013

Lucho joins to answer your questions on tips for a first-time Oceanside 70.3’er (and first attempt at a Half Iron?), opinion on stretching as part of warming up, how to tell when it is time to replace running shoes, how to prepare for a 10k swim in terms of taper and nutrition, what caused severe hamstring cramping during a marathon, a good or bad idea to run an all out 5K 16 days before Boston, why doesn’t Tawnee do Leadwoman, what’s the best way to recover from a race and then peak for another race 2-3 weeks later, the best kind of training for Leadville marathon coming off injury, should you save/postpone a workout or make it easier (slower) if you are not feeling great, and more.

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