ATU: Christmas Traditions, MAF or LTHR to Guide HR Zones for Ultras, Training for an Ultra Bike Event, Couch to 100-miler Plan, And More

December 25, 2013
Special Christmas edition of ATU! Lucho and Tawnee chatted Christmas Eve about their family holiday traditions and outlook on Xmas workouts, and to give answers to your questions on:
-How to train for your first 100k with only 13 weeks to go
-Using MAF or LTHR to guide HR zones
-Aiming to qualify for Boston with two marathons to do so on the schedule – how to approach each race
-Training for a 170-mile bike event with details on long rides, intensity, etc
-Does cycling help running more or running help cycling
-Couch to 100-miler plan – the physical and mental, time frames, and how to execute
-News of potentially no more sporting events through Death Valley
…and more!
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