ATU: Chronically Injured In Ultrarunning and Solutions, Strengthening Upper-Body Run Mechanics, MAF for MTB? And More!

May 2, 2014
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We are joined by Lucho for this addition of Ask the Ultrarunner featuring answers to your questions on:

-If you had the chance to train a chronically injured athlete such as Anton Krupicka, how would you change their training given their injury history to make them stronger/less injury prone? Lifting? Cross training?
-Upper body mechanics in running and suggestions for upper body strengthening that’s beneficial particularly for distance running?
-Long run volume during a 6-week gap between two ultras?
-The back to back long runs or single long run in training for a 100 miler. What is sufficient?
-Ultra mountain bike training: how to combine MAF and tempo/intervals for the race in ~4 months?
-If your ‘A’ race is 11 weeks away (Badwater) and you have a 145 mile race booked before that should you do the 145-miler or skip it?
-Hill training for ultras: short/steep hill repeats or long extended climbs/decents?
-And More!

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