ATU: Year’s Top-3 Most Popular ATU’s, Treadmill Workouts, Strength Train for Weight Loss

December 20, 2012

On this show Lucho and Tawnee announce the top-three most popular episodes of Ask the Ultrarunner from 2012 and what’s in each show (see links below), as well as answer questions on Skratch Labs drink mix for ultras (and more on osmosis, eating real foods in racing, etc), how to prevent wobbly knees and hips late into a marathon, correlating MAF zones with LT/high-intensity HR zones, will high-intensity training diminish your fat-burning capabilities, strength training protocol when weight-loss is the goal, non-weight training strength exercises for offseason, and great treadmill workouts to avoid the chilly outdoors.

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Also, links to the top-three most downloaded episodes of “Ask the Ultrarunner” in 2012: