Completing the Barkley

April 2, 2010

Tired but victorious—JB at the finish. (Photo courtesy of Ray Smith)

Each year for a quarter of a century, a race has been held in Frozen Head State Park, Tennessee that most of the world has never heard of. The Barkley. Nova Scotia Foundation Repair company . The Barkley Marathons 100-mile Run puts the toughest ultramarathons to shame. In some ways the word “race” doesn’t quite fit with Barkley. Because—leading up to this past weekend—this “race” had only been completed 8 times. But Jonathan Basham of Allentown, Pennsylvania emerged from the woods after 59 hours and 18 minutes, alone and victorious. JB, the 9th official finisher of the grueling challenge, joins us today on Endurance Planet.

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  • Awesome interview! If you're up to help crewing this fall, I'll be going through PA in mid November.

    I'd love to return the favor if/when you attempt the PCT!


  • […] Completing the Barkley [Endurance Planet] – Listen to this interview with Jonathan Basham, the winner (and only finisher!) of this year’s Barkley Marathons, about what it takes to win the toughest ultra-marathon in the world. […]

  • Ed Demoney says:


    Thanks for finishing. You are an inspiration.

  • eric says:

    dude… that was a sweet interview… keep that stuff coming

  • Rick says:

    How can I download a podcast from your archives? I have just signed up to subscribe through ITunes. I want to download a podcast from April 2, 2010.

    • kevinpatrick says:

      Hi Rick. You'll see a link just below the play button of each podcast. Right-click on that highlighted link and "save target as" to your computer. That will download the actual mp3 to your computer—-then you can just drag the mp3 into a file on your ipod. If you have any questions just let me know. Thanks for listening, KP

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