Ep. 1A Project Badwater: Drs. Phil Maffetone and Cathy Dudick on Sports-Related ‘Trauma,’ Training Through Injury, and Recovery

November 4, 2015

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Drs. Phil Maffetone and Catherine Dudick, a trauma surgeon in Atlantic City, come on to talk about the relationship between trauma and exercise and give recommendations to endurance athletes on building a training program that keeps them from falling victim to injury–whether soft-tissue injury or chemical injury.

– The similarity between what occurs in athletes and a trauma patients?
– Inflammation is the common response; inflammation drives healing, but it can also drive further injury
– Why the events prior to an injury or “niggle” are often the true root of the cause
– Do we ever want some trauma, i.e. micro trauma, as a way to build and adapt on the quest to become fit for our sport?
– Should you train through pain, niggles and injuries (Tawnee brings up cases when athlete still raced when injured and accomplished great feats or had to bow out)
– The mental side of dealing with injury/sports trauma, recovery and the need to keep going and not give up
– What kind of recovery in training is needed to avoid serious soft tissue or chemical injuries
– The “less is more” approach vs. “no pain no gain”

Highlights from the article “10 Truths About Sports Trauma” by Dr. Maffetone:

– Trauma happens, how to mitigate
– Injury and ill health result from excess exercise trauma.
– Injury is not normal
– Trauma patients and athletes share much
– Brain-Body Stress connection
– Training trauma is the anthem of the no-pain, no-gain philosophy
– The training equation helps balance trauma
– Total recovery needed
– The root of most injuries
– No cure in a pill