Ep. 3 Project ZENdurance: Heat Issues, Run Gains, Bagels, Galveston 70.3 and Nutrition Planning

April 25, 2015
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Be sure to listen to episodes one & two of Project ZENdurance if you haven’t already!

Tawnee catches up with Brett of Zen and the Art of Triathlon before he tackles Galveston 70.3 this weekend.

IMG_1392Working recovery into the routine vs. a block of going hard and hoping to survive and recover in time; brett’s thoughts on interval-style workouts that allow you to assign rest as needed – aka if you see a drop off, scale back!

  • How did the first long brick of 5.5hr on Sunday go for Brett?
  • Heat woes.
  • How was his recovery from the long weekend including Sunday?
  • How is Brett recovering so fast? what new tricks is he using compared with before?
  • Learn how MAF is working out for Brett!
  • Mention of our recent podcast with Dr. Maffetone.
  • Tawnee’s outlined rest-week rides and runs before Galveston
  • Positive goal setting (and learning not to talk yourself down)
  • Owning your strengths in setting realistic a race plan; visualization
  • Talking 70.3 race plan and pacing goals
  • Maffetone & anaerobic race prep; more from Phil on anaerobic training.
  • Brett’s nutrition plan for 70.3 (breakfast ideas and fueling during the race) – to bagel or no bagel?
  • UCAN+dextrose combo on bike
  • Debating Gatorade vs. something like Skratch/Osmo/gels+water on the run course??
  • Brett’s new relationship with carbs and the positive results he’s seeing!