Ep. 4 Project ZENdurance: Coach-Athlete Dynamics, IMTX 70.3 Crash, Lessons and More

May 2, 2015
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A “two-part” episode with Brett (zentriathlon.com) and Tawnee:


-Diving into the psychology and coach-athlete relationship between Brett and Tawnee

-Is Brett listening to Tawnee? Does Tawnee have “coach’s authority” on Brett

-Getting real and setting the record straight…


-Details on Brett’s recent race at Ironman 70.3 Galveston, Texas

-The crash! WHAT happened?! (good info to know if you ever do this race!)

-Did Brett bike to hard?

-Power meter not working?

-“Holding on” for the run

-Lessons learned, deep thoughts

-Learning to race smart even when data and devices fail to work

-Managing fatigue before Ironman Texas

-More on future races, the last big brick, IMTX and pacing