Ep 6 Project ZENdurance: IMTX Analysis and Road to Recovery

May 20, 2015

brettTexas1Brett and Tawnee catch up 48 hours after Brett raced IRONMAN Texas on May 16. Was it the race Brett hoped to achieve? Tune in as they analyze Brett’s results, talking about the data, his story, Tawnee’s feedback, and what’s next. You won’t want to miss this exciting development in the series.

What’s included:

-Brett’s bike split data; HR, watts, RPE, etc.

-The story of what really happened on the run that got away from Brett

-His mental state during the race and clear signs of burnout

-Tawnee’s thoughts on his race execution

-Conclusions on the next steps for Brett now that the race is over….

-Taking a step back to focus on recovering from overtrianing

-Health and diet recommendations

-Getting blood and functional health testing with NourishBalanceThrive.com

-Autoimmune Paleo Protocol http://www.thepaleomom.com/autoimmunity/the-autoimmune-protocol