Ep 7 Project ZENdurance: Pinpointing Carb Dependency, Overdoing It After Ironman, and Much More

June 4, 2015
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powdered_sugar_in_burlap_bag_by_emptypulchritude-d4uvfo1On this show, there are no big races in Brett’s immediate future but the relationship with he and Tawnee is getting even deeper and the issues going on are arguably more important than just prescribing workouts. In fact, things take a bit of a turn from Ep. 6

-Brett’s sugar and carb dependency for workouts and diet/nutrition is still a red flag, what steps must be taken?

-Steps to being fat-adapted (and fears around it),

-Is Brett cheating recovery since IMTX? What does Coach Tawnee say?

-The science of scheduling health testing around training/races,

-and much more.