EP’s Most Popular Show of 2013: Dr. Timothy Noakes on Nutrition, Central Governor Theory and More

December 31, 2013

On the final day of 2013, we take a walk down memory lane and revisit Endurance Planet’s No. 1 most popular episode of the year. That hit show would be a special interview we did featuring Dr. Timothy Noakes in which we discuss diet, the role of carbs/low-carb, central governor theory and much more. Click here to take a listen; I bet you’ll learn something new even if you heard this on before.


Also, here are links to the rest of our top-5 most popular shows of 2013:

In 2nd place: ATC: Reaching Race Weight Safely, Is Your Hard Group Session Killing MAF Training, Weights Before or After Running, Ironman at Altitude, Key Short-Course Tri Run Workouts, and More

In 3rd place: ATC: Ramping Up After Runner’s Knee, Art of Peaking, Racing a 70.3 in Prep for 140.6, Last-Minute 10k Training Plan, and More

In 4th place: ATC: Can All Your IM Training Be at Zone 2/MAF, Managing Cardiac Drift, Striving for Kona, and More

In 5th place: Dr. Phil Maffetone: A Guide to Strength Training For Endurance Athletes, The Role of Fatigue/Stress, Avoiding DOMS, ‘Slow Weights’ Concept, Correcting Imbalances and Much More


As a bonus, here are the runner-ups for most popular:

6th: Week of Kona: Nutrition Plans of The World’s Best Age Groupers at the Ironman World Championships

7th: Sports Nutrition: Noakes’ Low-Carb vs. Rich Roll’s High-Carb/Vegan Diet, Vinnie Tortorich’s NSNG, LCHF vs. Ketosis, How Much Fiber Is Too Much Before a Race, and More