How To Get the Ideal Swim Stroke & Body Position

April 21, 2011

Some people just make swimming look easy…long, fluid strokes, gliding through the water, breathing in rhythm. So why not be one of those people?

In this video excerpt from the Endurance Film’s USAT Triathlon Training Series, Olympic Triathlete, Andy Potts and National Coach, Mike Doane demonstrate how knowledge of a few keys to body position and your swim stroke can have a tremendous impact on your open water performance.

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Endurance Films

Comments (3)

  • Jeff Hoening says:

    Very well done video. The breathing section really helped. Thanks for posting. Shared on Fb.

  • Pam Cox says:

    I want to learn how to swim like that. Is there a Camp Doan?

  • dvd ripper says:

    Hi, just stumbled on your page from reddit. It’s not an article I would typically read, but I loved your perspective on it. Thanks for making a blog post worth reading!

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