Pro Triathlete AJ Baucco: On His Punk Rocker ‘Bad Boy’ Roots and Transforming Into a Triathlon Stud

January 16, 2014
AJ Baucco, 27, is a rising star in the professional triathlon world, but what sets AJ apart from the rest of the field are his pre-triathlon days spent as a drummer in a successful punk rock band that was on national tour for many years. On this show AJ opens up about living the fast-paced rockstar life full of late nights, music and partying, what eventually led him to leave that scene and move into the world of endurance sports, and how he’s an “all or nothing” kind of guy.
We also talk about where AJ’s at in his career as a pro, the coaches he’s worked with, his aspirations to go big at the Ironman distance, and more.
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