Scott Tinley: On The New, Insight on Triathlon Past and Present, Advice for Athletes in a ‘Transition’ Phase or Retirement, and More

March 30, 2014

Two-time Ironman World Champion and triathlon legend Scott Tinley joins the show to talk about a new project he’s spearheading, take a walk down memory lane, and more.

What you’ll

-Tinely and triathlon journalist Mike Planet recently launched, which documents the history of triathlon through stories, photos, insight from former pros and much more. We learn about the site and get some exclusive stories from Tinley, including:
-How and why the website got started
-Stories on the Los Angeles Ironman that never aired
-The Original “Iron Man” Sanction Packet
-“Where are they Now” on triathlon legends
-His thoughts on Ironman performances among pros, past and present
-Tinley’s approach to training during his pros days
-Should pros drop out of races or gut it out?
-Racing with intrinsic motivation
-Advice for athletes
-“Racing the Sunset,” Tinley’s book
-Psychological side of life transitions and navigating new paths
-and more!

Comments (2)

  • Bill Garrett says:

    As a non-triathlete, I didn’t expect to enjoy this interview, but once again, Tawnee not only gets a great guest, but does some of the best interviewing in endurance podcasting. Respect!

    • Tawnee_Prazak says:

      Thank you so much Bill! That just made my day. Have a great weekend, and thanks for tuning in always 🙂 ~T

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