Sports Nutrition 230: Food Combining, Thyroid Support and the 2016 Diet Trend You Want to Know About

February 1, 2016

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On this show with Ben Greenfield:

Reclaiming Conversation: The Power of Talk in a Digtial Age” by Sherry Turkle; book talk with Ben and Tawnee

Food combining

  • Importance of food combining and mixing macros
  • Eating fats & proteins with carbs can slow sugar release, which can be a good thing to control blood sugar, but does eating fats & protein with carbs take longer to digest due to different acid environments? Examples: fruit/honey with fats; steak and potatoes, etc.
  • Different acidity in foods and digestion
  • Are eggs and bacon really the best idea for a pre-race or pre-workout breakfast even if you are fat-adapted?? We talk pros and cons of this meal.
  • Why it’s sometimes a good idea to forgo protein and fat before a gnarly workout/race.
  • What is an “easy digesting” fat-adapted breakfast?
  • Should we be loading up our veggies with butter, coconut oil or other fats?
  • Bitter melon extract
  • Cinnamon with carbs for blood sugar control

Amino acids (protein supplements)

  • Powder vs. pills?
  • What’s the difference, is one form superior, and why?

Nutrition and supplements for thyroid support

  • How you know when thyroid needs a boots: TSH is high, T3 is low
  • To convert T4 to T3 you need glucose
  • The tradeoff on too little or too much T3 for longevity
  • Supplements discussed:
  • Thyro-gold – using thyroid powder from pasture-fed New Zealand cows
  • L-aspartic acid
  • Coleus Froskohlii
  • Glycerol

2016 Diet Trends

  • Dietary customization with genetic testing, blood work, gut testing and more
  • Honing in on your diet unique to your needs, with technology to support convenience