Sports Nutrition: Can Fasted Workouts Be Harmful, Food Tips For Long-Term Hotel Living

January 27, 2013
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*Note: We are aware of the sound quality issue on this episode and we are working on fixing it for everyone. Let you know when it’s fixed. Sorry!*

Ben Greenfield joins the show to answer your questions on how to plan nutrition of a 55k when you are “too lax” about practicing nutrition in training, solution for getting really hungry later in the day after morning fasted workouts, can too many fasted workouts do harm, Jai Repair Plant Power Protein by Rich Roll, nutrition and food tips when living out of a hotel for multiple months, nutrition tips for a 24-hour MTB race, thoughts on Generation U-Can, and more.

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One Comment

  • Paul says:

    Thanks Ben for open forum. Ben, a year after you start heavily promoting ‘fasted’ workouts you decide to give a warning ? I find this disgusting. I believe you have been favoring fasted workouts so you could sell MAP amino acids. Taking a brand new endurance athlete under your wing and then tell them to ‘fast’ their workouts is irresponsible. Use a supplement instead of food ? The high risk of muscle cannibalism, particularly in women, is frightening.
    Frankly, I am disgusted and would like to see an end to this.

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