Sports Nutrition: Gaining Muscle and Burning Fat for Endurance Athletes, The Science of Combining Fast-Acting and Slow-Release Fuels, and Much More

August 17, 2015

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Screen Shot 2015-08-14 at 11.28.28 AMOn this 226th episode of Sports Nutrition: Ben and Tawnee discuss their love for saunas and hot yoga plus the benefits of this kind of heat exposure.

How to burn fat and build muscle simultaneously, as Ben recently discussed on his podcast. We go on to add how this changes for endurance athletes logging in lots of cardio.

Burn fat/gain muscle:
-calorie deficit (500-1,000 fewer calories a day; this may vary weight weight/size)
-presence of resistance training
-enough protein: 0.7g/lb bodyweight
-one calorie re-feed day per week
*BUT* endurance training changes all of this

From a metabolic efficiency standpoint, are rolled oats and brown rice two ingredients that can be considered complementary to becoming a fat-adapted athlete on the basis that they may not cause insulin to spike?
-Mention of podcast with Dina Griffin and Bob Seebohar on metabolic efficiency
-GI Index
-Mention of our episode on Insulin and athletes
-how measuring blood glucose can help your efforts

What is reishi mushroom tea?
-What are the benefits generally and for athletes?
-Interested try reishi tea at a great price by buying through Thrive Market.

Coffee & coffee power naps
-do they actually work?
-how can you get away with drinking coffee later in day and still sleep well

Brown rice syrup as a sweetener
-are there really legitimate risks from toxins like arsenic?

Can combining Dextrose/Maltodexrin and UCAN work as fuel and fat-burning for longer rides?
-the science of quick acting fuels vs. slow-release fuels
-does combining these kinds of fuels make sense?
-can we stay in true fat-burning mode when adding in a fast-acting sugar-based fuel?
-mention of Vitargo and the science of how it acts extra fast
-talking about different transporters
-what about honey and UCAN? Could that be the ideal combo?
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Mention of Natural Force’s Iskiate Endurance and Raw Tea

And finally, why would you smell ammonia coming from you when working out?