Sports Nutrition with Matt Fitzgerald: Achieving Your Race Weight plus When and How, Using Nutrition Supplements vs. Whole Foods, Post-Workout Fueling Ideas, BCAA Use and More

January 26, 2014
Special guest host, Matt Fitzgerald joins as our sports nutrition expert. On this show we talk a little about his new book that’s now available, The Racing Weight Cookbook, and Matt gives answers to your sports nutrition questions on:
-how far away from an A race we should try to hit our race weight, and how to safely get to race weight based on your body type
-is it a good idea to play with weight during the build up to try and find that sweet spot
-is it ok or natural to have some weight gain during a long IM taper?
-to maintain weight during training, should you ramp up calories as my training increases

-thoughts on not using typical gels and bars and instead using more whole foods for Ironman training/racing, and the role of fiber
-what to eat/drink after a training session that is free of dairy or gluten.
-BCAAs or essential amino acids for long endurance events of 3-7 hours
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