Training at 11,600 feet

September 25, 2011

My name is Francisco and I am from La Paz, Bolivia.

I run already seven marathons and thought the next step would be a 50K trail run so I signed up for the North Face Pine Mountain trail run next October 15. I started training in June since earlier this year I had a minor intervention on my legs. For my training, last Sunday I went to a beautiful place called the Moon Valley here in La Paz (picture).

There I run for four hours and thirty minutes.

Although I am from La Paz, it is not easy to train at this altitude, around 11,600 feet above sea level, which is why I thought my story might be interesting. Today, I was scheduled to run 5 hours before starting my three week tapering time but my right leg started to hurt a little so I decided to rest instead of run and, therefore, don’t have a story for today, which was my original intention.

From now on I will take it very easy until the race.

I am so excited about it. Hopefully I will meet many of you in Pine Mountain and have a beautiful trail run.

Until then, Francisco