Triathlete Spotlight: Lyndee Prazak on Her First Ironman as a Masters Athlete, Nailing Nutrition, the Whistler Course, and More

August 7, 2014
On this special episode, Tawnee’s mom, Lyndee Prazak comes on the show to talk about her first-ever Ironman that she recently completed in Whistler, Canada. Pictures of her day included in this post. Lyndee, 56, was coached by Tawnee for the race, and we talk about what it was like to make the leap into this distance after only having raced sprint and olympic triathlons prior.
In this show you’ll hear:
-Going the full distance for the first time as a master’s athlete
-Managing training, fatigue, previous injury issues, and pre-race anxiety
-A breakdown of her day and insight on the Ironman Whistler course (swim, bike, run)
-Race-day strategies to manage energy and be comfortable for a longer day out there
-Nutrition and fueling for Ironman and Lyndee’s protocol that worked perfectly
-What it’s like to accomplish this feat
-Will she do it again? And why she’ll be stronger next time
Lyndee’s Bike Nutrition:
Her bike nutrition worked out to roughly 350-400 calories an hour for a 7+hr bike split.
-6 Bonk Breakers – 6 on bike. Ate first one within 10 miles to replenish from swim (1500cals)
-24 oz diluted honey water – roughly 8 tsp honey (~210 cal)
-1 bottle skratch (80cal)
-2 Power gels on bike (200cal)
-Almond butter sandwich with butter, sourdough, raw almond butter, salt; in special needs bag (600cal)
-Refills of water – every aid station
10 MAP
-Tums as needed
Run Nutrition:
-Carried water bottle, topped with ice at every aid station. just water in it
-Fuel belt – 1 honey flask and 1 skratch flask
-Potato chips
-Chicken broth (in evening)
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Pictures from Lyndee’s day at Ironman. Photography by Christian Millan.