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ATC: Jack Daniels’ New Athlete, Get a Stronger Open Water Swim, Swollen Fingers During a Race, How Long to Be Considered Ultra, and Are Your HR Zones Off?

This episode is brought to you by: Squatty Potty which you can learn about at Use the code enduranceplanet for 10% off your order! Squatty Potties make great gifts (hint hint). On this ATC, Lucho and Tawnee discuss runner Ryan Hall partnering up with a new coach, the legendary Jack Daniels, 81. Then the...
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Mark Allen and Dr. Phil Maffetone: Their First-Ever Dual Interview On The Grip’s Legendary Ironman Success (Using MAF Method), The Current State of Triathlon Racing, Coaching Modern Athletes, and More

Endurance Planet makes history by bringing together two legends for their first-ever dual interview: six-time Ironman World Champion Mark Allen and Dr. Phil Maffetone, who was Mark’s coach that led him to the ultimate success in long-course triathlon racing. Specifically we dig into: Part 1: Mark & Phil’s History and Using MAF! -How Mark and...
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Tri News with Thorsten: Special Interview with Pro Kim Schwabenbauer, Race Recaps with Jacobs and Steffen on the Podium, Kona News, and More

Tawnee and Thorsten link up for a jam-packed show including a special visit and interview with Pro Kim Schwabenbauer. In the show: Racing Last Weekend(s) Ironman Wisconsin, Sept 7 Men: Bretscher/Marsh/Gomes/Bachor Women: Martin/Kozulina/Clifford (Jackie Arendt 5th) IM Wales Men: Matt Trautmann (RSA) 9:07; Fraser Cartmell (GBR) 9:10 Women: Only two Pro starters! Amy Forshaw (GBR)...
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Tri News with Thorsten Radde: 70.3 Worlds Recap and Coverage Issue, Rev3 and Challenge Merger, WTS Season Finale, and More

Thorsten Radde, of, joins Tawnee for another detailed report on triathlon news around the sport and around the globe. Including… Racing last weekend: 70.3 Champs in Mt Tremblant, Quebec Men: Javier Gomez, Jan Frodeno, Tim Don Women: Daniela Ryf, Jodie Swallow, Heather Wurtele Tweets by and Last weekend of August: WTS Season Finale in...
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Sports Nutrition with Dr. Tamsin Lewis: Weight Loss While Training (and What’s Hindering Your Goals), For Best Results: Time Your Antioxidant Intake, Yay or Nay for Electrolytes During Endurance Events, and Much More

Dr. Tamsin Lewis of (or @sportiedoc on Twitter) joins for another in-depth episode of Sports Nutrition! The newly crowned Ironman champion fills us in on her win at IMUK and much more… Including: Did Tamsin in fact use the nutrition protocol mentioned on this show (recorded just days before her win). Tamsin’s choice for...
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ATC: Sub-3 Marathon – It’s About More Than Training, Lab Tests vs. Field Tests, Intensity of Long Rides for Half and Full Ironmans, Offseason Cross Training for Ultras, and More

This episode is brought to you by: Squatty Potty Find out more at, and use the code “enduranceplanet” for 15% off your purchase! Tawnee and Lucho sit down for a LONG talk about art, the sub 3-hour marathon, lab test, field tests, riding intensity and off-season training. Also covered in this show: Hitting 1000...
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Sports Nutrition with Ben Greenfield: Fat-Adapted Ironman Fueling, Can Too Much Vit D Be Bad, Meaning of ‘Low Carb,’ LCHF Homemade Cereals, AM vs. PM Workouts, and More

This episode is brought to you by: Squatty Potty Find out more at, and use the code “enduranceplanet” for 15% off your purchase! On this show, our buddy Ben Greenfield is back from Navy Seal Hell Week (for civilians) to answer your sport nutrition related questions, comment on our latest episode with Matt Fitzgerald…...
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Ask The Athletes: Introducing A Brand New Show

Today in this quick and dirty podcast, Tawnee and Brock introduce a brand new interactive, call-in show called: Ask The Athletes! That’s right, we want to hear from you guys, the athletes. We want you to share your triumphs, your failures, your funny tales, your embarrassing moments and your epic anecdotes on this brand new...
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Tri News with Thorsten Radde: Weekend Race Recaps, Final KPR, and a Chance for More Female Pro Slots for Kona 2014?

We’re joined by Thorsten Radde of for a quick recap of last weekend’s Ironman racing (Aug. 23-24), which was the last weekend for points that go toward this year’s Ironman World Championships. Who made the cut, who just missed it? We also talk about some developing news regarding the female professional women who were  reportedly given...
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Jamie Busch, MD, Pro Mountain Biker: Can You Be Fit But Unhealthy, Functional vs. Western Medicine, Top Health Tests for Athletes, and More

Dr. Jamie Busch is practising physician, medical director and co-founder of Nourish Balance Thrive, and professional mountain biker. On this show she’ll provide a wealth of information for athletes looking to optimize health and performance. Specifically we discuss: -Jamie’s story and background as a  mountain biker, doctor and co-founder of NBT. -The state of healthcare...
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Zach Bitter: Overcoming Obstacles in Ultra, Sports Nutrition for a LCHF Ultrarunner, How to Recover After Going Long and More

Recently Zach Bitter set out to break the 100-Mile World Record during Six Days in the Dome, but his stomach had other plans. Zach faced nutritional woes but still completed his 100 miles in 12:08, not enough to break the 11:28 record. In this show we’ll hear that story and how he coped. Plus more...
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