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ATC: New Study on Ultra Runners’ Health, Pros and Cons to Pose Running, Periodizing with MAF, Boulder 100, and More

Want to run Ragnar SoCal with the Endurance Planet team that will include Lucho, Brock, Tawnee and other loyal podcast fans? Email to claim your spot by Sunday, Jan. 25. It’s going to be epic, with special surprises in store. We’re accepting ANY level of runner from beginner to elite — it’s just about...
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Ultra Talk with Majo Srnik and Michelle Barton

Tawnee has a round-table interview with elite ultrarunners Michelle Barton and Majo Srnik the day after they raced the Avalon 50 miler. On this show we’ll hear the story of Michelle and Majo’s unique friendship and their shared love for running. Michelle is a SoCal girl and Majo is originally from Slovakia but now a...
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ATC: Are We Overdoing it with the Foam Roller, Strengthen Glute Med to Fix Your ITB, From Marathons to Ironman, Plus: Run Ragnar with Us!

On this show Lucho commits to joining EP’s Ragnar SoCal team! Email us at to get your spot to run the relay with Tawnee, Lucho and the crew this April! More info on Ragnar SoCal. Answers to your questions: Are we over-rolling our IT Bands and missing the underlying cause of ITB pain? And...
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TriNews: 2014’s Stand-Out Performances, Retirements, Increasing Prize Purses, and More

Thorsten and Tawnee catch up for the first edition of TriNews of the year! Before we leave 2014 behind, we recap some great Ironman performances from the past year as Thorsten puts Tawnee to the test with his Trivia questions — see how she does! The trivia as well as 50+ pages of 2014 Ironman...
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Sports Nutrition: How Much Booze Before it’s Bad News, Potent Health Elixir Ingredients, Resveratrol, Pre-Workout Supplements to Avoid, and More

Ben and Tawnee catch up and discuss the following nutrition and health topics: Ingredients for an easy-to-make potent health elixir drink, done a couple ways Booze! How much wine can you drink before It starts negatively effecting endurance training and workouts? More resources on alcohol discussed in show: – – Dave Asprey’s Bulletproof infographic...
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Dr. Dawn McCrory: Why We Need Fascial Fitness, Less Running and More Movement for Endurance Sport Success, Plus Bonus Q&A

Dr. Dawn McCrory is an LA-based physical therapist who owns and runs Kinesis, and a triathlete (training for IM Boulder). In addition to being a PT, Dawn is also an expert in the fields of movement dysfunctions, fascial fitness, neurokinetic therapy, and helping endurance athletes… If you aren’t sure what fascial fitness is or nerukinetic...
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ATC: Run (and Don’t Fall) On Snow & Ice, Time- vs. Distance-Based Training, Marathons for Teens, and Much More!

We are back from our holiday break with brand-new ATC with Lucho & Tawnee! Announcements: Wanna do a relay race with Endurance Planet?! We are building a team for the SoCal Ragnar Relay this April, and we’d love to have you join Tawnee, special guests, and our Endurance Planet crew for a 200+ mile adventure...
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ATU Best of 2014: Putting Metabolic Efficiency Results to Use, Ironman and Little Debbie, Executing The MAF Test, Intensity and Volume in Key Weeks Before Ultra, and More

In this Best of 2014 edition of “Ask The Ultrarunner” from June 20, Lucho and Tawnee talk about their current training, and what they’re doing including Lucho’s MAF pace improvements and Tawnee’s new experiment with minimalist training style. Plus, real evidence from an everyday runner’s MAF test results over the past 16 months, and how...
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Best of 2014 – Ray Cronise: On Weight Loss, His ‘Metabolic Winter’ Hypothesis, and Solving Obesity

Ray Cronise spent 15 years at NASA but after gaining weight his life took a different path when he sought solutions to achieve personal weight loss. His background in science led him to study the human body’s nutritional and caloric energy balance, and how to drive weight loss through basic thermodynamic principles. He now operates...
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ATU Best of 2014: WS100 Recap, Workouts to Improve VO2Max, Navigate 2-Ways in Ultras, Taking Risks in Racing, Should You Change Your Stride, and More

On this “Best of 2014″ episode Lucho and Tawnee cover a ton, including a recap with insight on the Western States 100 and the results, the great coverage by, as well as insight on other results from the previous weekend at the races (triathlon included). Plus answers to your questions on: top workouts to...
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Sports Nutrition: Top Diet and Nutrition Trends of 2014 and What’s Next for 2015; Plus: Fueling for Obstacle Races

This show is sponsored by Generation UCAN SuperStarch. Find out more and save 15% at Ben Greenfield joins us for the last Sports Nutrition podcast of 2014, and fittingly we discuss the top trends in nutrition, diet and health over the past year; how this applies to athletes; and what’s ahead in 2015 and...
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