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ICYMI – Alan Couzens, MS: Better Performance Through Smart Training, Top-Three Tips for Every Athlete to Follow!

This show is brought to you by Sound Probiotics. As an athlete, you are more susceptible to illness due to your intense training. All of your hard work can lead to a weakened immune system, threatening to keep you out of competition. Sound Probiotics can help boost immune function by improving gut health, allowing you...
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Ep. 8 Project ZENdurance: What Have We Learned?

If you haven’t heard episodes #1-8 or Project ZENdurance, you better get caught up! Episode 8 of Project ZENdurance brings closure to this series (for now) as we discuss all the things that Brett has learned along the way since he and Tawnee began back in April. -What has Brett changed for his training, nutrition...
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ATC: ‘The Best Question Ever Asked,’ is MEAT the new RICE, Cold Brew, and More

Shop and save with the podcast at you support the show when you shop through us! – ALSO – Donate to EP for this year’s Week of Kona coverage! In this 191st episode of Ask The Coaches, Tawnee and Lucho cover a ton of fun stuff – including the “best question ever asked”… and:...
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Sports Nutrition: Gaining Muscle and Burning Fat for Endurance Athletes, The Science of Combining Fast-Acting and Slow-Release Fuels, and Much More

Shop and save with the podcast at you support the show when you shop through us! – ALSO – Donate to EP for this year’s Week of Kona coverage! On this 226th episode of Sports Nutrition: Ben and Tawnee discuss their love for saunas and hot yoga plus the benefits of this kind of heat...
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Badwater 135: Documenting The World’s Toughest Foot Race

Endurance Planet documents The Badwater 135-Mile Ultra, “the world’s toughest footrace,” which takes runners from Death Valley, Calif., which typically posts the hottest temperatures on earth, to Whitey Portal, with more than 10,000 ft of elevation gain along the way. Tawnee and her fiance John take on the task of crewing for Michelle Barton, a...
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ATC: Picking A Power Meter, Year-Round Running Strides, OWS Pacing, and Lucho Wisdom

Want to run Ragnar Napa on Oct. 23-24, 2015 with Endurance Planet in beautiful northern California, going from San Francisco to Napa? Yes you do! Who wouldn’t?! Join our team now; inquire at Also shop with & support the podcast at – it’s a win win: get special discounts and deals on tried...
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Dr. Tim Noakes and Dr. Phil Maffetone: Guide to Hydration and Electrolytes, Hyponatremia Prevention, and Why Health Matters Above All

Dr. Tim Noakes and Dr. Phil Maffetone have followed each other and supported one another’s careers for decades, but they’ve never actually met. Until now. Endurance Planet brings these two brilliant men together for the first time in history, making for an instant classic podcast! LifeBEAM makes the world’s most advanced wearable instruments for measuring...
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Nikki Kimball: On Depression, A Fat-Adapted Diet, and Ultrarunning

Be sure to check out for the trusted products and services we recommend, and enjoy exclusive deals and great savings! When you shop through the podcast you help support the show and keep it thriving! On this show we’re joined by professional ultrarunner Nikki Kimball, one of the most accomplished ultrarunners alive as well...
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Chris Kelly: Inside Tawnee’s Functional Health Test Results and Progress

This episode is brought to you by UCAN Superstarch, the revolutionary fuel that helps promote metabolic efficiency and keeps you burning fat. Grab your order and save 15% at Also, if you like what you hear on this episode and want to consult and/or get testing with Chris Kelly and Nourish Balance Thrive, check...
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ATC: Ultra Crewing and Pacing, Ginger Trumps NSAIDs, Intuitive Training, ‘Dopey Challenge’ Tips, and Inspiration From Others’ Races

This episode is brought to you by Lifebeam. Whether going for a run, TRX training, playing a sport, or even hiking, the LifeBEAM smart hat can send precise measurements of your heart rate, steps, and calories to your favorite smartphone app or fitness watch. Find out more at In this episode, our coaches (Tawnee...
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ICYMI – Kelly Starrett: A Truly Holistic Approach to Improving Your Sport and Overall Performance

This podcast is sponsored by Skora Running, makers of innovative running shoes that incorporate what nature intended with what the best technology can enhance. Find out more and get your pair now at On this show we’re joined by Kelly Starrett, who has revolutionized how athletes think about human movement and athletic performance. Kelly...
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