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ATC Best of 2014: Lucho’s Guide To Heart Rate Training, Improve VO2max in 7 Sessions, Causes and Remedies for Groin Pain, Common First-Timer Ironman Mistakes, Mighty Mitochondria, and More

In this “Best of 2014″ episode of Ask the Coaches, Lucho and Tawnee answer your questions on: Racing an Xterra, 70.3, and Ironman in one season: When to ride the MTB vs. road/tri bike? Is a 3hr ride a 3hr ride regardless of the bike? Three-year plan to try and qualify for Kona in the...
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TriNews: Ironman Champ Haley Chura Joins, Plus Recaps on IMAZ and Recent Races, Triathletes Gettin’ Hitched, and More

This episode of TriNews is brought to you by Doc’s Skincare, the best line of long-lasting all-natural skin and body protection around so you don’t have to expose yourself to nasty chemicals ever again and you can still can get the comfort and protection you need to feel good and perform well. Find out more...
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Dr. Tamsin Lewis: On Becoming a New Mom, Plus Q&A – SHBG Levels in Athletes, Gluconeogenesis, Coke as Fuel, and More

We are joined by Dr. Tamsin Lewis, who has some exciting news to share since we last spoke with her: she’s pregnant! Tamsin shares what it’s like for a female athlete to experience pregnancy for the first time and she gets very specific with the changes in her body and lifestyle including: levels of hormones...
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ATC: Factoring Weather into MAF, Adjusting to High-Altitude Running, Box Drops for Hammys, and More

This episode is brought to you by UCAN Superstarch, find out more and SAVE 15% off your purchase at On this show Tawnee and Lucho cover tons of topics and answer your questions. Including: Tawnee shares a strength-training circuit, and she and Lucho catch up on the latest. MAF & weather. How weather “extremes”...
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TriNews: Special Guest Tim Berkel, Kona’s Top Aussie, Plus IMAZ preview and More

Thorsten and Tawnee are joined by pro triathlete Tim Berkel for a fun chat. The big news is Tim’s awesome debut performance at the Ironman World Championships this year where he was 7th overall and top Aussie. Plus we also catch up on what’s going on with Tim, including his “fun run” with Macca at...
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Angela Naeth: Struggles with ‘Female Issues’ and The Survey on Menstruation and Cramping in Female Endurance Athletes (with Results)

We’re joined by pro triathlete and Ironman champion Angela Naeth to take a look at some of the messy and often “taboo” health issues that women face in endurance sports. Many female endurance athletes struggle with their cycle and menstruation — whether that means having “harsh” periods with cramping and debilitating pain, or amenorrhea (the...
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ATC: Lucho’s KOM, Stand or Sit on Hills, Best Fitness Classes in the Offseason, Beer Choices, IMAZ and More

This show is brought to you by UCAN SuperStarch. Save 15% at Also check out this cool event: UCAN + Meb in Laguna Niguel, CA, 6:30 p.m. Tuesday, Nov. 11. Come join! Here’s the official invite and register for FREE . Your host, Tawnee, will be there in the audience and hanging out! Come...
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TriNews with Thorsten: Recaps of IM Florida, Noosa, Miami, Taiwan; Racing Outlook; and More

2015 KPR Observer – Find out why you need the 2015 KPR Observer, and how you can get it for less than $20 if you act before Nov. 12; head to now! We are joined by Thorsten Radde for your full TriNews podcast with the latest news in the triathlon world. On this show we...
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Sports Nutrition with Ben Greenfield: Digestive Enzymes, Gas and Bloating From Frankenfuels, and More

Our buddy Ben Greenfield is back for an informative and educating journey through digestive enzymes, metabolism, frakenfoods and a brief recap of how his race went in Kona this year… on zero Ironman training. We also talk about: The lowdown on Serrapeptase for recovery as an athlete; blog resource. The benefits of digestive enzymes; -What...
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Dave Jewell: Official Running Shoe Count at the 2014 Ironman World Championships with New Trends, Old Favorites, Rankings, and More

We are joined by Dave “The Shoe Guy” Jewell for an insightful conversation on the running shoe count at the Ironman World Championships this year, including an overall look at the state of running shoes with trends and more. Follow Dave on twitter: @superdavejewell and his blog at: The official Kona Shoe Count was...
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ATC: Offseason Planning, Kids and Endurance Sports, Ultra Tapers, When to MAF Test, and More

This episode of Ask The Coaches is brought to you by Generation UCAN SuperStarch, find out more and save 15% off your purchase at We are back with super dad himself, Lucho! Today we dig into a bunch of your listener questions and dive deep into the philosophy of endurance athlete parenting (the debate...
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