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ATC: Master Marathon Training, Wetsuit Talk, Aqua Jogging, How Much MAF Weekly Volume, and More

Lucho and Tawnee team up to answer your questions on: -Select and customize a good marathon training program to get to the next level — and specifics on choosing from Hudson, Friel, Hanson, Higdon, Daniels -Aqua jogging for injury, maintaining fitness and general cross training -Recommendation for a 12-week 10k program for an experienced runner. […]

Video Podcast: Live From Lucho’s House

Join ATU/ATC hosts Tawnee and Lucho from Lucho’s house in the Colorado mountains for a weekend recap, brewery review, metabolic efficiency discussion, and the push-up and plank challenge. 0:00 Weekend and brewery review 20:00 Metabolic Efficiency Test discussion 25:38 Liv makes an appearance to talk about Iron Man 26:02 Listener questions 30:43 Push-up and plank […]

Video Podcast: Metabolic Efficiency Test with Host Tawnee Prazak

Join host Tawnee Prazak as she travels to Kompetitive Edge in Denver, Colo., for a metabolic efficiency test with Dina Griffin, MS, RD, CSSD, METS. Dina works at Fuel4mance, which provides performance nutrition, testing and training solutions, and more, for athletes of all levels, ages and abilities across the country and world. Fuel4mance has books […]

Video: Colorado Snow Run with ATU/ATC’s Lucho and Tawnee

Join host Tawnee Prazak as she and some Endurance Planet fans, coax Lucho out or retirement for a run on the Flatirons Vista trail in Boulder, Colo., during a freezing fog bank and 18F weather. Endurance training at its finest. Filmed February 2014.

Dr. Susanne Bennett: Hormonal Balance and Allergy Prevention for Endurance Athletes, Clean Eating, Outdoor Training Tips, and More

An information-packed episode that every endurance athlete should hear featuring special guest Dr. Susanne Bennett, who specializes in hormones, allergies, clinical nutrition, environmental and lifestyle medicine. She is the author of best-seller The 7 Day Allergy Makeover, a step-by-step program providing natural solutions to eliminate allergies and restore vibrant health from the inside out. In […]

Sports Nutrition Special: Dr. Tamsin Lewis on Having Carbs and Burn Fat Too, Fueling for Females, Hormone Issues, Supplements and More

Dr. Tamsin Lewis, profession triathlete and sports medicine doctor, joins the show for a special edition of Sports Nutrition. Topics covered in this show include: -Her background and overcoming an eating disorder to become a strong pro triathlete -Fueling and hormonal issues for female endurance athletes -Disordered eating in endurance sports that can have negative […]

ATU: Tips for Long Drives Home Post Race, How Much Should You Squat (Safely), Train For Ultras But Still Maintain Short-Distance Speed, Avoid a Nutrition Blow Up During an Ultra, When To Cut Back on Hill Work During Taper, and More

Lucho and Tawnee team up for “Ask the Ultrarunner” and Lucho’s wisdom, with answers to your questions and more: -Advice on driving home after a marathon/ultra to mitigate DOMS, swelling, and still promote recovery. And also managing fatigue on that long post-race drive. -Doing 50-mile races as training for a mountain 100M, and/or concentrate on […]

Phil Maffetone: Exclusive on His TED Talk, Plus: Belly Fat, Late-Night Wakeups, Training While Under Emotional Stress, and More

Dr. Phil Maffetone joins the show to give us exclusive insight on his upcoming TED Talk, which includes talk on the population’s current state of health, the obesity/overfat epidemic on a global level and resulting fallouts, and solutions for better living through exercise, diet, stress management and more. . Also answers and discussion on: -Belly […]

Sports Nutrition: Training the Gut for Racing, How To Cut Weight While Training, Antioxidant Usage in Foods vs. Supplements, Fueling for Bike Commuting, Thyroidectomy Issues, and More

Ben Greenfield joins to answer your questions on: -Soda stream recipes, and adding Mg powder to carbonated water -Should we avoid over using antioxidants during training (when stress/adaptation are critical) but continue to use, or even increase the use of antioxidants during races. -Antioxidants in supplements vs. foods and what we need, what to avoid […]

ATC: Law of Diminishing Returns For Long Workouts, Should You Use Heart Rate in a Half-Ironman, Build a Stronger Ironman Run, Reverse Triathlon Strategy, Weighted Vests and More

Lucho and Tawnee team up for Ask the Coaches to chat and answer your questions: -Recap, stories and shoutouts from Oceanside 70.3 and Carlsbad 5000 -Back to back 70.3 racing with hopes of World Champ qualification – stragegizing -How much volume is OK without it negatively affecting key/more intense workouts -Massage in between back to […]

Scott Tinley: On The New TriHistory.com, Insight on Triathlon Past and Present, Advice for Athletes in a ‘Transition’ Phase or Retirement, and More

Two-time Ironman World Champion and triathlon legend Scott Tinley joins the show to talk about a new project he’s spearheading, take a walk down memory lane, and more. What you’ll hear:TriHistory.com -Tinely and triathlon journalist Mike Planet recently launched www.trihistory.com, which documents the history of triathlon through stories, photos, insight from former pros and much […]

ATU: Avoid Overtraining 4 Weeks Before a Race, Specificity For MTB Stage Races, MAF and Speed for 50k Racing, Dominate Downhills, and More

Lucho and Tawnee team up for Ask the Ultrarunner with the latest and answers to your questions: In this show: -Chrissie Wellington to do Leadville 100 MTB -Hobie Call – from sub-2:00 marathon goal to obstacle racer -How to know if you went into your marathon too “cooked” and fatigued resulting in going much slower […]

The Real Starky: Triathlon’s Parody Personality Makes His Podcast Debut, Gives Commentary on Ironman Melbourne, Crowie, Oceanside 70.3 Predictions and More

The Real Starky makes his exclusive podcast debut on Endurance Planet, and we get to know this mysterious character a bit more, why he’s doing what he’s doing, and perhaps even find out his real identity. (If you haven’t heard of him, he’s created a popular Twitter parody account in which he says it like […]

Sports Nutrition: Vegan Supplementing To Avoid Common Deficiencies, Kombucha Guidelines, Easy and Healthy Travel Food, Plus: Standing Work Stations and Inversion Tables

Ben Greenfield joins to answer your questions on: -Healthy and easy meals and snacks on-the-go when traveling with kids or at places like amusement parks -Pros and cons of a standing working station for athletes -MCT powder vs. the oil -Fixing deficiencies in a vegan diet including low iron, as well as other supplements to […]

ATC: Tips for Stronger Cycling, Pros and Cons of Pre-Race Massage, Longest Swim for Half-Ironmans, Bike Commuting for Training, Crush it in Triathlon and Marathons, and More!

Lucho and Tawnee team up for “Ask The Coaches” to answer your questions on: -Planning a season around half-Ironman and marathon racing, and why “getting ahead” in run training is a great idea -What does it mean (and say about your level of fitness or lackthereof) when your Z2 HR from a typical Joe Friel/LTHR […]

Joe DeSena: Spartan Race Series Founder on Obstacle Racing, Rise of the Sport, How To Train for The Terrain, The New ‘Spartan Up’ Book, and Much More

Joe DeSena, the co-founder of the Spartan Race Series and accomplished endurance athlete, joins the show to talk all about obstacle racing and exclusive news on his new book. Specifically we talk about: -Growth of obstacle racing, how many Spartan races are offered, where, etc. -Types of Spartan races and The Death Race (distances, difficulty, etc) -How to […]

ATU: Golden Rule of Running, Cadence Work Using a Metronome, Why You Should Rotate Run Shoes, Improve Tempo, Bearded Runners, And More

Lucho and Tawnee team up to answer your questions on: . -Beard talk, and Lucho’s beard -When MAF pace is closing the gap on my tempo pace, how do you push out tempo pace? What % of weekly mileage should be tempo, speed, or hills? -Back-to-back races: Running 16 miles, then mountain biking 32 miles. How […]

Sports Nutrition: Understanding Adaptogens and Their Pros and Cons for Athletes, Figuring Out Ideal Carb Intake (Female Specific), Safe Storage Containers, Beet Juice vs. Smoothies

Ben Greenfield joins to answer your questions on: . -Adaptogens and what are they? Are there any worries with intake of too much of adaptogens? What different adaptogens do in the body to support the athlete? When is it beneficial to take them? Use them before or during long races? Best types and more? -Female […]

Ask the Doc: Safe Solutions for High Blood Pressure, Overcoming Osteoarthritis, Burn Off Stubborn Belly Fat, Recommendations for inflammation, And More

Dr. David Minkoff joins the show to answer a bunch of great sports medicine questions on: -Magnesium and Vitamin D as alternatives to blood pressure meds for high blood pressure – why it’s safe and won’t interfere with training -How much is “too much” for older runners -Ear pain during exercise -Osteoarthritis in the hip – why your […]

ATC: Lucho on Leadman 2015, Maximize Short- and Long-Course Triathlon Performance This Season, Mastering The Swim Kick, Nutrition for Ironman, Changing Running Shoes, and More

Lucho and Tawnee present this episode of Ask The Coaches, featuring an intro talk about Lucho’s plan to return to racing! Specifically his goals for Leadman 2015, how he’ll manage it in his life and family, and more. Answers to your questions on: -Advice on how to approach training for optimal performance in short-course and long-course […]

Zach Bitter: On Nutrition, Benefits of Optimized Fat Metabolism for Endurance Athletes, Incorporating Speedwork in Ultra Training, His 2014 Goals, and More

Zach Bitter is an elite ultrarunner and last December at the Desert Solstice 24-Hour Race in Phoenix, Zach broke the American 100-mile record with a time of 11:47:21. He went on to also set a new world record for distance run in 12 hours, covering 101.66 miles. Zach uses a high-fat, lower-carb, moderate-protein diet to […]

Brock Armstrong: How Athletes Can Manage Anxiety for Better Health and Performance, Plus His Exclusive Account of Surviving Life-Threatening Heart Failure

Brock Armstrong is the popular co-host of the Ben Greenfield Fitness podcast, an endurance sports coach at Skywalker Fitness, and avid endurance athlete. For the first time ever he opens up on a podcast about his past, telling his story of experiencing an illness that led to multiple heart failures and near-death experiences, which ultimately transformed […]

ATU: When Intensity is Appropriate for Ultra Training, Build Strong and Stable Hips, More on Heart Rate Zones, Threshold Talk and More

Lucho and Tawnee for Ask the Ultrarunner with answers to your questions on: . -Stick to just MAF for ~28 weeks until a 100-mile Ultra run? Or add intensity/anaerobic work? -Having trouble keeping HR in MAF/higher near end of long runs (20+ miles) – why? -Muscular imbalances in hip external rotators highlighted by single-leg squats […]

Sports Nutrition: Get Your Best Rest on Race Eve, The Low-Carb ‘Faster’ Study, Maximize Vitamin D Absorption, and More

Ben Greenfield joins the show to talk sports nutrition and more. We cover: . -Thoughts on elevation training masks -Ben’s experience in the new low-carb athlete study (aka The Faster Study) with Dr. Jeff Volek and Steve Phinney; the testing protocol; Ben’s VO2max, threshold and fat-burning results (in detail!); implications of the study and more […]

ATC: Lucho’s Guide To Heart Rate Training, Improve VO2max in 7 Sessions, Causes and Remedies for Groin Pain, Common First-Timer Ironman Mistakes, Mighty Mitochondria, and More

Lucho and Tawnee join to answer your questions on: . -Racing an Xterra, 70.3, and Ironman in one season: When to ride the MTB vs. road/tri bike? Is a 3hr ride a 3hr ride regardless of the bike? -Three-year plan to try and qualify for Kona in the 40-44 age group for a reasonably well […]

Sports Nutrition Special: Metabolic Efficiency Testing and Analysis with Dina Griffin and Tawnee Prazak

Audio edition from this week’s video special featuring Dina Griffin, MS, RD, CSSD, METS, putting your host Tawnee Prazak through a metabolic efficiency test out of Kompetitive Edge in Denver, Colo. For EP’s YouTube page with the full video that also includes charts, graphs and more, head to www.youtube.com/enduranceplanetTV. . During the show you’ll learn what metabolic efficiency is, […]

Sports Nutrition: Are Women’s-Specific Nutrition Products Necessary, Breakdown of Amino Acids in Supplements like MAP, Finding Your Right Diet and More

Ben Greenfield joins the show to answer your questions and talk the latest in sports nutrition. On this show we discuss: -The benefits on eating organic grassfed heart: its mitochondrial content, dense nutrient profile, and heart’s potential benefit for athletic performance -Are women’s-specific nutrition products necessary, and more details on female stuff: the menstrual cycle, […]

Valentine’s With The Vogels: Behind the Scenes With a Badass Endurance Couple, Their Evolution into Elite Ultra-Racing and Triathlon, Tips on Making a Dual-Athlete Household Thrive, and More

Lane and Jennifer Vogel are not your ordinary couple. They’ve done Badwater, Marathon de Sables, multiple Ironmans (including Kona for Jennifer), and some. It wasn’t always this way with them, though. About 10 years they went from being relatively non-athletic to pursuing endurance sports when Jennifer got the bug to do a marathon. One thing […]

Live From Lucho’s House – The Audio

Listen to the audio from the recent video podcast that Lucho and Tawnee recorded at Lucho’s Colorado house. For the full video and others, visit our YouTube.com/EndurancePlanetTV page! What’s included: Weekend recap and brewery reviews Metabolic Efficiency Test discussion Listener questions Push-up and plank challenge More listener questions Click here to download audio.

Mike Greer Part 2: Healthy Ageless Living and ‘Mind Management’ – How to Be a Better You and Thrive Your Entire Life

Mike Greer is a successful life coach, thriving triathlete, business owner, dedicated family man, etc, and is said to be ageless. At 75 he is still racing, thriving in life, and as energetic as ever. How does he do it? What are his secrets? He shares it all in this show. In this show we discuss: […]

Mike Greer Part 1: Legendary Race Director on Running a Successful Triathlon – From Fees, to Safety, to Achieving Success and Satisfaction, and Much More

Have you ever wanted to know what goes on behind the scenes for a race director? We talked with legendary triathlete and RD Mike Greer, who founded the Buffalo Springs Lake Triathlon, a premiere Ironman 70.3 event, that will celebrate its 25th year running in 2014. We cover everything with Greer, relevant for the athlete […]

Sports Nutrition: Ben’s ‘Rebuttal’ to Matt Fitzgerald, Best and Worst Magnesium Supplements, Get Rid of Gas, Caff vs. Decaf, The Deal on Sugar Alcohols, and More

Ben Greenfield is back! On this show we hear: -Ben’s take on Matt Fitzgerald’s stance on sports nutrition, including the use of certain supplements, specific diets, and more -Being aware of and avoiding food/drink additives -Recommendations for magnesium supplements — pill, liquid, transdermal, brands, and why. Plus what to avoid? -Is Magnesium Stearate really that […]


Ladies Shirt $22.95 The double layer mesh construction of Dri-Mesh releases heat and sweat, while maintaining superior breathability. The result is you stay comfortable, cool and dry in even the most active workouts. Size Chart 3.5-ounce, 100% polyester double knit Taped neck Crossover self-fabric v-neck Tag-free label Princess seams for flattering fit Double-needle shoulders, sleeves […]

ATC: Training Tips for Short-Course Tri’s and Du’s, Diet’s Role on Heart Rate, DIY Bike Fit, How Long Does An Aerobic Base Stay With You, How Much You Need to Avoid De-Training, Motivation to Succeed Even if You Fail, Craft Beer Talk and More

Lucho and Tawnee team up for Ask the Coaches, including talk of Alan Webb moving to triathlon and one of our biggest tangents to date (at 1:16 in the show): -What do you want to see on a video podcast featuring Lucho and Tawnee? Tell us here. -Top tips for short-course triathlon and duathlon with […]

Athlete Spotlight: Ahmad Fahmy on Being a Non-Athlete to Sub-12 Ironman’er, Why It’s Not About Fancy Equipment, Seeking Redemption at Ultraman UK and More

EP’s on a quest to highlight the stories of everyday endurance athletes. In this athlete spotlight we’re joined by Ahmad Fahmy, a 35-year-old father and husband residing in London. Ahmad got into endurance sports in 2008 back when he had no idea how to even swim, and has since completed multiple Ironmans, ultra races and […]

Sports Nutrition with Matt Fitzgerald: Achieving Your Race Weight plus When and How, Using Nutrition Supplements vs. Whole Foods, Post-Workout Fueling Ideas, BCAA Use and More

Special guest host, Matt Fitzgerald joins as our sports nutrition expert. On this show we talk a little about his new book that’s now available, The Racing Weight Cookbook, and Matt gives answers to your sports nutrition questions on: -how far away from an A race we should try to hit our race weight, and how to safely […]

ATU: Ultrarunners Healthier Than Average Population Says Study, Aid Station Strategies, The Best HR Monitor/GPS Device or Tool for Your Needs, and More

Lucho and Tawnee join for Ask the Ultrarunner. On this show we discuss a recent study on ultrarunners, with more information here. The the team answers your questions on: -Training tips for a 24-hour race in about 6 months, and whether to do run/walk intervals, plus nutrition tips for the distance -Is a powermeter necessary/encouraged […]

Ask the Doc: Detox and Cleanse Tips, Niacin For High Cholesterol, Hormonal Response and Positives/Negatives to HIIT, and More

Dr. David Minkoff joins the show to answer your sports medicine and health questions on: -safe ways to cleanse and/or detox -is it safe and a good idea for a recreational endurance athlete to take niacin (1500 mg/day) for high cholesterol in order to avoid statins -explanation of the myth that “cholesterol is bad” and foods with […]

Dr. Phil Maffetone: On Fat Burning, How to Get in Sync with Your Body For Better Performance, Changing Your Way to Better Health in Just Two Days, and More

We’re joined by Dr. Phil Maffetone for another jam-packed episode in effort to get you fitter and healthier than ever. On this show we discuss: -Choosing a clean coffee -Getting in sync with your body for better performance and  tools to do so -Mastering the relationship among heart rate/breathing/movement when running (and in sport) -How […]

ATC: Master Single-Leg Drill on the Bike, Quality Strength in Less than 20min, Which is Better – Fartlek vs. Intervals, Fueling for Multi-Day Races, and More

Lucho and Tawnee team up to answer your questions on: -Single-leg drill on the bike – whether do in aero or sitting up, and more on how to perfect this drill and your cycling pedal stroke -Will 70.3 training hinder performance in an upcoming ultra -Why eccentric contractions on downhill running kill your quads and […]

Pro Triathlete AJ Baucco: On His Punk Rocker ‘Bad Boy’ Roots and Transforming Into a Triathlon Stud

AJ Baucco, 27, is a rising star in the professional triathlon world, but what sets AJ apart from the rest of the field are his pre-triathlon days spent as a drummer in a successful punk rock band that was on national tour for many years. On this show AJ opens up about living the fast-paced […]

Sports Nutrition: How Malotdextrin Affects Blood Sugar, Why You Should Add Oil of Oregano To Your Shelf, Ultrarunning and Pregnancy, Beet Juice Dosing, and More

Ben Greenfield joins to answer your questions on: -Maltodextrin and the impact on your blood sugar, and using it in sports nutrition products vs. regular food -Difference between regular flake oregano and oil of oregano, and why oil of oregano is good -Thoughts on essential oils and how they can benefit endurance athletes -Update on […]

ATU: Heart Rate or Perceived Effort to Guide Your Ultra, Are Trail Shoes Necessary, Periodization 101, The Top Ultra Books and Movies, and More

Lucho and Tawnee answer your questions on: -What are a good ways to reintroduce some hard efforts or speed work into runs after offseason and/or a long base phase -Good books and movies about ultrarunning -How should one train for the Hardrock Hundred Endurance Run; are track workouts good or bad, should all focus be on hiking […]

Multisport News: Brad Culp on What to Watch for in 2014, Top Three Moments of 2013, The Latest in the Triathlon World and More

We are joined by Brad Culp, editor of LAVA Magazine, to talk all about triathlon including: -Brad’s top-3 favorite moments of 2013: Fredrick Van Lierde’s Kona win and why, the Gomez and Brownlee sprint at London, Rinny second win in Kona -What to watch out for in 2014: disc brakes, new 70.3 Worlds venue, ITU […]

Sports Nutrition: Weight Loss The Fat Adapted Way, Is Calories-Counting a Waste, Vitamin D or D3 This Winter, Egg Intolerances and More

Ben Greenfield joins to answer your questions: -Taking Vitamin D or D3 in the winter as a supplement -Developing an intolerance and inability to eat eggs in the morning — why and what are good low carb breakfast ideas for an endurance athlete -Weight loss and doing it fat adapted — do’s and don’t and […]

ATC: Workouts to Build Power, Strength Training for Healthy Knees, Yay or Nay to HR in the Pool, VO2 Sessions for Masters Athletes, New Years Resolutions, and More

Happy New Year! Our first episode of the year with answers to your questions and more: -Lucho and Tawnee’s highlights of 2013 highlights and 2014 New Year’s resolutions -Whether to use heart rate training in swimming – yay or nay, and how best to gauge intensity -Recommendations for power-building sessions for half-Ironman racing (bike with […]

EP’s Most Popular Show of 2013: Dr. Timothy Noakes on Nutrition, Central Governor Theory and More

On the final day of 2013, we take a walk down memory lane and revisit Endurance Planet’s No. 1 most popular episode of the year. That hit show would be a special interview we did featuring Dr. Timothy Noakes in which we discuss diet, the role of carbs/low-carb, central governor theory and much more. Click […]

ATU: Christmas Traditions, MAF or LTHR to Guide HR Zones for Ultras, Training for an Ultra Bike Event, Couch to 100-miler Plan, And More

Special Christmas edition of ATU! Lucho and Tawnee chatted Christmas Eve about their family holiday traditions and outlook on Xmas workouts, and to give answers to your questions on: -How to train for your first 100k with only 13 weeks to go -Using MAF or LTHR to guide HR zones -Aiming to qualify for Boston […]

Sports Nutrition: Holiday Food Talk, New Research Saying Vitamins Are A Waste, Should You Adopt a Kenyan-Like Diet, and More

Ben Greenfield joins us to talk about some favorite holiday food recipes, and answer your questions on recent research saying that vitamins and supplements are a waste and potentially bad, homemade deodorants, low-carb fat-adapted fueling for crit bike racing, analyzing the Kenyan diet in relation to athletic performance and Type II diabetes, should we eat […]

Jennifer Sage: Your Complete Guide to Indoor Cycling Classes, With Do’s and Don’ts for Athletes, Resources and More

We welcome Jennifer Sage, longtime indoor cycling instructor and founder of the Indoor Cycling Association, who will share some great insight on the world of stationary bike classes with tips on finding the right class, what “trends” to avoid, power and watts, biomechanics of stationary riding, techniques for athletes, enhancing hill climbing skills, customizing your […]

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