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ATU: Chronically Injured In Ultrarunning and Solutions, Strengthening Upper-Body Run Mechanics, MAF for MTB? And More!

We are joined by Lucho for this addition of Ask the Ultrarunner featuring answers to your questions on: – -If you had the chance to train a chronically injured athlete such as Anton Krupicka, how would you change their training given their injury history to make them stronger/less injury prone? Lifting? Cross training? -Upper body […]

ATU: Fighting Fatigue – Are You Overtraining or Should You Keep Going, Seeking Redemption When Your ‘A’ Race Fails, Props to Diana Nyad and More

On this episode we give some props to ultra-swimmer Diana Nyad and also discuss CGI’s decision to end elite funding to runners (fast forward to the end for this), and we answer your questions: if your A race flops do you take advantage of fitness and sign up for another race or take the offseason, […]

ATC: Fatigue Explained: What Is It, How To Recognize It, Manage It, and Recover From It; Plus ‘Big Day’ Workouts and More

Lots of talk on fatigue today and how to manage it. Our thoughts on the Outside Magazine article “Stress Tested” by Alex Hutchinson, update on Leadman, what is fatigue (and manage, reduce or eliminate it) and the concept of central governor, fatigued and run is pace getting slower — what to do, ‘Big Day’ training according to Joe Friel and […]


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