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Ragnar Special: Lucho, Tawnee and Brock Discuss Strategy and More

Lucho, Tawnee and Brock meet up in SoCal less than 24 hours before the start of the Ragnar Relay to dish on the race ahead and catch up. A special thanks to the sponsors of Ragnar for helping this team come together: Generation UCAN Superstarch, the cutting-edge molecular starch that provides clean-burning, long-lasting steady energy […]

ATC: Hill Workouts for Ultras, Last-Minute Ironman Training Plan, Scheduling 2015 Triathlons, Higher HR in Racing Than Training, and More

We are back with Ask the Coaches and Lucho! On this show get Lucho’s analysis of Kona and answers to your questions on: Legs cramping and pains leading to a DNF in an ultra (Vermont 50) – figuring out what went wrong to be stronger next time, Our top hill training workouts for ultras and […]

ATC Flash: Goodbye Gym, The Comedy Cure, Redemption at LT100

We know not everyone has an hour-plus to listen to podcasts every week, so Lucho and Tawnee have decided to throw in some short and sweet shows covering just 1-2 topics. Don’t worry, we’ll still have our regular ATC with answers to all your training and racing questions, but “ATC Flash” is for those days […]

ATC: Killer Cycling Workouts in Under an Hour, Music as an Ergogenic Aid, Power Meter or a Coach, Run Video Analysis, and More

This episode of Ask the Coaches is brought to you by Squatty Potty, which helps you achieve the perfect poop; find out more at Choose from multiple designs and use the code “enduranceplanet” for a 15% discount! On this episode, Lucho and Tawnee team up to cover all this and more: -Fly fishing and shark […]

ATC: Ironman Run Workouts, Watts for Half-Ironmans vs. Aquabikes, Yay or Nay to Running Streaks, Avoiding Injury Risk in Ultrarunning Training, Liquid Nutrition, and More

This episode of Ask the Ultrarunner is brought to you by Squatty Potty; find out more on how to achieve the perfect poop at Use the code “enduranceplanet” at checkout for 15% discount. On this show, Lucho and Tawnee discuss the following based on your questions: -Tips to train (bike) in Arizona heat and not […]

ATC: Tapering 101, Top TRX Moves for Runners, IM Boulder, Race Pacing Using Watts, Training Between Big Races and More

This episode of ATC is brought to you by SweetBeatLife. Right now you can enter to win a free HealthPatch kit valued at $250 by sharing your SweetBeatLife “geek screen” (screenshot) on your Facebook, then liking and commenting on BeatHealthy’s FB page! (Tell SweetBeat that you shared your geek screen.) How to share geek screen: Make sure […]

ATU: Pacing Your Marathon Training, Nutrition and Recovery for Ultra Relays, Monitoring Stress Via RHR and HRV, Avoid Over-Drinking in Heat, and More

This episode of Ask the Ultrarunner is brought to you by Squatty Potty; find out more on how to achieve the perfect poop at On this show, Lucho and Tawnee catch up and answer your questions on: -how does one’s training paces correlate to a race paces for marathon training -what percentage of your […]

ATC: Training to Train, Road vs. Tri Bike for Hilly Ironmans, Old-School Marathon Training Plans, Holy Shoes?! And More

This episode of Ask the Coaches (ATC) is brought to you by Conquer Bikes, the only fully custom wheels around. Find out more and build yours now at Lucho and Tawnee are back for ATC. On this show they catch up and answer your questions on: -Running shoe issue: Why would running shoes be […]

ATU: WS100 Recap, Workouts to Improve VO2Max, Navigate 2-Ways in Ultras, Taking Risks in Racing, Should You Change Your Stride, and More

This episode of Ask the Ultrarunner is brought to you by Squatty Potty, which is your ticket to faster, better and easier elimination. Find out more at Also: It’s that time of year and we need your help to make this year’s Week of Kona coverage a reality! Head to now to make a […]

ATC: Swim Stroke Analysis, In a Rut – What to Do, Reasons for High HRV After Racing, Budget for A Bike Fit, Final Prep for Placid and More

This episode of Ask The Coaches is brought to you by SweetBeatLife, which now is offered with a HealthPatch, which conveniently sticks to the skin and eliminates the need for a heart rate strap. Find out more at at On this episode Lucho and Tawnee talk discuss and give answers on: -Strength training and […]

ATU: Putting Metabolic Efficiency Results to Use, Ironman and Little Debbie, Executing The MAF Test, Intensity and Volume in Key Weeks Before Ultra, and More

This episode of ATU is brought to you by Conquer Bikes, which offers fully customized carbon wheels at affordable prices and also gives back by donating a bike to an underprivileged child for every wheelset they sell. Find out more at On this edition of “Ask The Ultrarunner,” Lucho and Tawnee talk about their […]

Triathlete Spotlight: Mike Wasserman on Longevity in Sport, Racing the Toughest Ironmans Around, Kona Goals, And More

In effort to continually feature the stories of amazing amateur endurance athletes, on this show we talk with triathlete Mike Wasserman. Mike is in his 50s, and got a late start in endurance sport, but he’s cracked the code on how to maintain a sturdy, injury-free and fit body that allows him to race everything […]

ATC: Pros and Cons to Multiple Ironmans a Year, Heart Rate vs. Watts, Surfing for Swim Fitness, Cadence Talk, ‘Sami Style’ Minimalist Training, and More

This episode of “Ask the Coaches” is brought to you by the new and improved SweetBeatLife app by SweetWater Health, which measures heart rate variability (HRV) and much more with the utmost accuracy. Head to to learn more and download! In this show Lucho and Tawnee catch up on what’s new in their lives […]

ATU: 50k Training on Limited Time, Plantar Fasciitis Relief, Recovery After ‘Anaerobic’ Intervals, Going From Triathlon To Ultra, Do Older Athletes Need More Intensity or MAF, and More

Your hosts Lucho and Tawnee in this episode of Ask the Ultrarunner talking on: -How to know if you’re ready for 50k training on limited time? Or should you wait until later in life? And how to approach an 11-month time for training on average only 4 days per week — MAF, intensity, both? -Do […]

ATC: Heat Training, ‘Big Day’ For Ironman Training, Cycling Saddles, Coming Off Achilles Injury, Run Video Analysis and More

Lucho and Tawnee for Ask the Coaches: -Run video analysis featuring Nilo A. (see video below) -Followup comments on cortisone and ice baths. -Best tactics for training in the heat / training for a hot race? Heat acclimatization, etc. -Should runners switch to perceived exertion instead of heart rate on hot days, or have an […]

ATU: Grooming Your Will to Suffer, Yay or Nay to Cortisone, Ice Baths, Can Weight Training Ruin Ultra Racing, A ‘Beer Ultra’ Race, and More

Lucho and Tawnee team up to answer your questions on: -Risks and benefits to cortisone shots. Specifically: dealing with a torn muscle with an ultra approaching — get a cortisone shot to relieve pain and still be able to run, or not? -Cross-training sabotaging ultra racing? Strength training more and now running slower. -Are ice […]

ATC: Our First-Ever Podcast Run Analysis, Balancing Your Strength and Running Training, Kona Lottery, and Weird Stuff Scene on Road

One of our most unique, informative and funniest episodes of Ask the Coaches to date with Lucho and Tawnee! We begin the show with our first-ever run analysis, as Tawnee and Lucho critique the run from this video submitted by Nathan. Listen to what the coaches have to say, and watch the video below to […]

ATU: Chronically Injured In Ultrarunning and Solutions, Strengthening Upper-Body Run Mechanics, MAF for MTB? And More!

We are joined by Lucho for this addition of Ask the Ultrarunner featuring answers to your questions on: – -If you had the chance to train a chronically injured athlete such as Anton Krupicka, how would you change their training given their injury history to make them stronger/less injury prone? Lifting? Cross training? -Upper body […]

ATC: Determining Race Pace, Top Swim Drills, Training on Road vs. Tri Bike, Apply MAF and Daniels’ Plans to Cycling, Cadence on the Bike, and More

Lucho and Tawnee team up to answer your questions on: . -How do you go about determining “race pace.” Specifically for a marathon and a BQ, but also for triathlon and in general. -When trying to stay around goal watts on bike, what’s your opinion on what to do when you get in a pack […]

ATC: Master Marathon Training, Wetsuit Talk, Aqua Jogging, How Much MAF Weekly Volume, and More

Lucho and Tawnee team up to answer your questions on: -Select and customize a good marathon training program to get to the next level — and specifics on choosing from Hudson, Friel, Hanson, Higdon, Daniels -Aqua jogging for injury, maintaining fitness and general cross training -Recommendation for a 12-week 10k program for an experienced runner. […]

Video Podcast: Live From Lucho’s House

Join ATU/ATC hosts Tawnee and Lucho from Lucho’s house in the Colorado mountains for a weekend recap, brewery review, metabolic efficiency discussion, and the push-up and plank challenge. 0:00 Weekend and brewery review 20:00 Metabolic Efficiency Test discussion 25:38 Liv makes an appearance to talk about Iron Man 26:02 Listener questions 30:43 Push-up and plank […]

Video: Colorado Snow Run with ATU/ATC’s Lucho and Tawnee

Join host Tawnee Prazak as she and some Endurance Planet fans, coax Lucho out or retirement for a run on the Flatirons Vista trail in Boulder, Colo., during a freezing fog bank and 18F weather. Endurance training at its finest. Filmed February 2014.

ATU: Tips for Long Drives Home Post Race, How Much Should You Squat (Safely), Train For Ultras But Still Maintain Short-Distance Speed, Avoid a Nutrition Blow Up During an Ultra, When To Cut Back on Hill Work During Taper, and More

Lucho and Tawnee team up for “Ask the Ultrarunner” and Lucho’s wisdom, with answers to your questions and more: -Advice on driving home after a marathon/ultra to mitigate DOMS, swelling, and still promote recovery. And also managing fatigue on that long post-race drive. -Doing 50-mile races as training for a mountain 100M, and/or concentrate on […]

ATC: Law of Diminishing Returns For Long Workouts, Should You Use Heart Rate in a Half-Ironman, Build a Stronger Ironman Run, Reverse Triathlon Strategy, Weighted Vests and More

Lucho and Tawnee team up for Ask the Coaches to chat and answer your questions: -Recap, stories and shoutouts from Oceanside 70.3 and Carlsbad 5000 -Back to back 70.3 racing with hopes of World Champ qualification – stragegizing -How much volume is OK without it negatively affecting key/more intense workouts -Massage in between back to […]

ATU: Avoid Overtraining 4 Weeks Before a Race, Specificity For MTB Stage Races, MAF and Speed for 50k Racing, Dominate Downhills, and More

Lucho and Tawnee team up for Ask the Ultrarunner with the latest and answers to your questions: In this show: -Chrissie Wellington to do Leadville 100 MTB -Hobie Call – from sub-2:00 marathon goal to obstacle racer -How to know if you went into your marathon too “cooked” and fatigued resulting in going much slower […]

ATC: Tips for Stronger Cycling, Pros and Cons of Pre-Race Massage, Longest Swim for Half-Ironmans, Bike Commuting for Training, Crush it in Triathlon and Marathons, and More!

Lucho and Tawnee team up for “Ask The Coaches” to answer your questions on: -Planning a season around half-Ironman and marathon racing, and why “getting ahead” in run training is a great idea -What does it mean (and say about your level of fitness or lackthereof) when your Z2 HR from a typical Joe Friel/LTHR […]

ATU: Golden Rule of Running, Cadence Work Using a Metronome, Why You Should Rotate Run Shoes, Improve Tempo, Bearded Runners, And More

Lucho and Tawnee team up to answer your questions on: . -Beard talk, and Lucho’s beard -When MAF pace is closing the gap on my tempo pace, how do you push out tempo pace? What % of weekly mileage should be tempo, speed, or hills? -Back-to-back races: Running 16 miles, then mountain biking 32 miles. How […]

ATC: Lucho on Leadman 2015, Maximize Short- and Long-Course Triathlon Performance This Season, Mastering The Swim Kick, Nutrition for Ironman, Changing Running Shoes, and More

Lucho and Tawnee present this episode of Ask The Coaches, featuring an intro talk about Lucho’s plan to return to racing! Specifically his goals for Leadman 2015, how he’ll manage it in his life and family, and more. Answers to your questions on: -Advice on how to approach training for optimal performance in short-course and long-course […]

ATU: When Intensity is Appropriate for Ultra Training, Build Strong and Stable Hips, More on Heart Rate Zones, Threshold Talk and More

Lucho and Tawnee for Ask the Ultrarunner with answers to your questions on: . -Stick to just MAF for ~28 weeks until a 100-mile Ultra run? Or add intensity/anaerobic work? -Having trouble keeping HR in MAF/higher near end of long runs (20+ miles) – why? -Muscular imbalances in hip external rotators highlighted by single-leg squats […]

ATC: Lucho’s Guide To Heart Rate Training, Improve VO2max in 7 Sessions, Causes and Remedies for Groin Pain, Common First-Timer Ironman Mistakes, Mighty Mitochondria, and More

Lucho and Tawnee join to answer your questions on: . -Racing an Xterra, 70.3, and Ironman in one season: When to ride the MTB vs. road/tri bike? Is a 3hr ride a 3hr ride regardless of the bike? -Three-year plan to try and qualify for Kona in the 40-44 age group for a reasonably well […]

Live From Lucho’s House – The Audio

Listen to the audio from the recent video podcast that Lucho and Tawnee recorded at Lucho’s Colorado house. For the full video and others, visit our page! What’s included: Weekend recap and brewery reviews Metabolic Efficiency Test discussion Listener questions Push-up and plank challenge More listener questions Click here to download audio.

ATC: Training Tips for Short-Course Tri’s and Du’s, Diet’s Role on Heart Rate, DIY Bike Fit, How Long Does An Aerobic Base Stay With You, How Much You Need to Avoid De-Training, Motivation to Succeed Even if You Fail, Craft Beer Talk and More

Lucho and Tawnee team up for Ask the Coaches, including talk of Alan Webb moving to triathlon and one of our biggest tangents to date (at 1:16 in the show): -What do you want to see on a video podcast featuring Lucho and Tawnee? Tell us here. -Top tips for short-course triathlon and duathlon with […]

ATC: Master Single-Leg Drill on the Bike, Quality Strength in Less than 20min, Which is Better – Fartlek vs. Intervals, Fueling for Multi-Day Races, and More

Lucho and Tawnee team up to answer your questions on: -Single-leg drill on the bike – whether do in aero or sitting up, and more on how to perfect this drill and your cycling pedal stroke -Will 70.3 training hinder performance in an upcoming ultra -Why eccentric contractions on downhill running kill your quads and […]

ATU: Heart Rate or Perceived Effort to Guide Your Ultra, Are Trail Shoes Necessary, Periodization 101, The Top Ultra Books and Movies, and More

Lucho and Tawnee answer your questions on: -What are a good ways to reintroduce some hard efforts or speed work into runs after offseason and/or a long base phase -Good books and movies about ultrarunning -How should one train for the Hardrock Hundred Endurance Run; are track workouts good or bad, should all focus be on hiking […]

ATU: Christmas Traditions, MAF or LTHR to Guide HR Zones for Ultras, Training for an Ultra Bike Event, Couch to 100-miler Plan, And More

Special Christmas edition of ATU! Lucho and Tawnee chatted Christmas Eve about their family holiday traditions and outlook on Xmas workouts, and to give answers to your questions on: -How to train for your first 100k with only 13 weeks to go -Using MAF or LTHR to guide HR zones -Aiming to qualify for Boston […]

ATC: Should We Be Icing for Recovery, How Lydiard Can Help You, Inspiring Training Partners, Become More Durable, HR on Bike Vs. Run, When MAF is Too Slow, and More

Lucho and Tawnee answer your questions on :   -Quad cramping on runs after a bike -Can’t get HR up on bike, and HR differences in bike vs. run -concepts of Lydiard’s training and comparing that with MAF -losing extreme fitness in offseason and how to mitigate those losses -a few training partners who’ve inspired […]

ATU: Combat Tight Calves, WS100 Planning, Rehabbing an Achilles Rupture, Reverse Tapering, Metatarsal Fractures, and IPA Talk

On this episode Lucho and Tawnee answer your questions on: -ways to prevent foot drag on trail running and exercises to mimic high knee drive for strong and flexible muscles -what might be causing the consistent soreness in the calves and how to combat (mention of Mobility WOD) -a big run race schedule leading up […]

ATC: Build Your Best Bike Setup, Reverse Triathlons, Side Stitch Remedies, Fasted Running, Research on CrossFit Injury Rates, Exercises for Imbalances and More

On this show we answer your questions on: -prioritizing advantages for the bike: wheels, frame weight, bike type, aero helmet, etc -our top picks for bucket list races -thoughts on reverse triathlons -mimicking the pre-race sedentary corral scenario in training by not warming up – smart or dumb -help for side stitches -cardiac drift and […]

ATU: Criteria for Choosing Your First Ultra, Hardrock Removing Leadville as a Qualifier, Key Long Runs 6 Weeks Out, Increasing Efficiency For Older Athletes, and More

A look back at our annual Thanksgiving Day workouts, half-marathon and 70.3 training after hamstring surgery, choosing your first 100-miler and criteria (and what Lucho did for his first), how to get into coaching, Hardrock removing Leadville/WS100 as qualifiers and Lucho’s take, long runs in final 6 weeks before and ultra, protect your knees/body for […]

ATC: Strengthen Ankles and Shoulders, Cure Hip Drop While Running, Hormone Talk, How To Gradually Build Bike/Run Mileage, Going From Tri to Ultras and More

Lucho and Tawnee give answers to your questions on: -Building strong ankles that currently get sore from running; -What does “endocrine system being fried” mean plus info on adrenal fatigue and other hormonal issues; -How to safely build run and bike mileage for long-course triathlon and still recover well; -Training when you’re sick: to do […]

ATU: Top Running Books, Essential Strength Exercises, 180 Formula For Older Athletes, Can You Adapt to Less Hydration, and More

Lucho and Tawnee answer your questions on if you can use sex for a workout, is there a benefit of under hydrating to adapt for ultra racing or always take in fluids, basic strength training outside the gym, redemption races, the 180 formula for older athletes, winter track team training help, using running to be […]

ATC: Low or High Intensity for Ironman Training and Figuring Out Your Formula, Training Tips to Fight Aging, When to Resume Training, Yay or Nay on Marathon Before IM, Tackling a 200-Mile ‘Dirty’ Bike Race and More

Lucho and Tawnee tackle your questions on: -Ironman training: all Z1/Z2/MAF or do higher intensities? -The aging athlete and ways to combat getting older -How many sessions a week of each discipline for triathlon -When to start training for your triathlon next season -training for your first a sprint distance, and where to start -offesason: […]

ATU: Get More Efficient on Hills, Short MAF Runs and Are They Worth It, Structuring Leadman Training, A Closer Look at RER Values, and More

Improving your marathon when you’re good on speed and lacking endurance, having a hard time keeping HR down on hills during trail runs and what to do to get more efficient aerobically when climbing, specific workouts in the last 5 weeks leading up to a hilly ultra, short MAF runs of under an hour and are […]

ATC: Reverse vs. Traditional Periodization, Tackling the Offseason, Structure Your Non-Training Hours, Nail a Faster Run in Long-Course Triathlon and More

We’re back! Loaded episode with answers to your questions on what can you do for exercise/strength with a broken hand/wrist, benefits/negatives of minimalist shoes and when to wear them, problem with MAP, reverse periodization v traditional  periodization and when it’s appropriate to use one vs. the other (hint: race distance/intensity matters!), build up cold-weather resistance and hypothermia in an ultra, training […]

ATU: For Care 101, Beach Running, Returning From Injury, Motivation in Offseason, How Low Can MAF Volume Be, Transitioning to MAF Training and More

We answer your questions on how best to return to running after injury when marathon is the goal, when/if is it appropriate to switch to MAF training while still in race season, why you’d be getting major fatigue/soreness in upper thigh after runs, training for an ultra on the beach/sand and how much training on […]

ATC: Starting Up Again After Ironman (How Soon?), Offseason Training Tips for Run and Bike, Yoga or Weights, Race Week HRV, and More

We discuss how to get back to training after an Ironman for some late-season shorter races, yoga and Pilates for endurance sports (compared with weight training), how much running and biking in the offseason to hold onto fitness,  best bike intervals to do to increase threshold in the off season and at what intensity, how to […]

ATU: Training for Hills in Flat Lands, Ditching the Tempo, Approach to Coaching Kids and Teens, Ready For a 100-miler – Now What To Do, and More

Lucho joins the show to answer your questions on how to train for hills when you live in a flat area, if the long tempo is beating you down to the ground should you skip it for MAF instead, training a high schooler for a 6km race, training kids ages 6-12 for a 5km race, […]

ATC: Racing by Watts v. Heart Rate, Hitting ‘Zone 5′ HR on the Bike, Guide to Buying Headlamps, ‘Normal’ Fatigue vs. Energy Depletion, 70.3 Worlds Recap and More

Figuring out why you’re fatigued and how blood testing can give answers and insight, what’s keeping you from hitting Zone 5 HR on your bike hill repeat workout, how do you deal mentally with injury close to race day, using MAF vs LT testing to determine HR zones, trouble getting HR up unless sugar is involved, using […]

ATU: Fighting Fatigue – Are You Overtraining or Should You Keep Going, Seeking Redemption When Your ‘A’ Race Fails, Props to Diana Nyad and More

On this episode we give some props to ultra-swimmer Diana Nyad and also discuss CGI’s decision to end elite funding to runners (fast forward to the end for this), and we answer your questions: if your A race flops do you take advantage of fitness and sign up for another race or take the offseason, […]

ATC: Compression Sleeves or Socks, Master the Final Miles in a Marathon, Best Squats for Cyclists, Ideal Timing Between Long Runs, Practical Use of HRV, Bulletproof Coffee, and More

How to train effectively for speedgolf, with limited time before a race is it best to stick to MAF/aerobic training or do higher intensity training or both, compression sleeves or socks for long races, what’s best for cycling/endurance athletes: front squat v. back squat and other effective strength exercises, clinchers or tubulars, the best ways to incorporate heart […]


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