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Ep. 8 Project ZENdurance: What Have We Learned?

If you haven’t heard episodes #1-8 or Project ZENdurance, you better get caught up! Episode 8 of Project ZENdurance brings closure to this series (for now) as we discuss all the things that Brett has learned along the way since he and Tawnee began back in April. -What has Brett changed for his training, nutrition […]

Ben Greenfield: How to Prepare for a Last-Minute Ironman, Plus His Nutrition Plan for Kona This Year and More

Endurance Planet’s Week of Kona coverage is brought to you by Polar, leaders in heart rate monitor and fitness-assessment technology. Find out more at We caught up with Ben Greenfield in Kona shortly after he finished speaking at the Sports Medicine conference. In addition to the speaking engagement, which you’ll be able to hear […]

Triathlete Matt Bach: Newly Crowned Ironman Champion on Winning IM Maryland as an Amateur, Plus His Metabolic Efficiency, Kona Goals, and More

Meet Ironman Champion Matt Bach, 27, of New Jersey. Matt’s a member of Team Zoot and a triathlete since 2010. On Sept. 20, 2014, Matt won IMMD in 8:51 with a 1:05 swim, 4:41 bike and 3:00:25 run, which earned him the win by more than 5 minutes. IMMD was the first Ironman to not feature […]

Sports Nutrition with Ben Greenfield: Does Coffee Block Vitamin Absorption, Licorice Root for Adrenals, What’s PQQ… and Can It Benefit Athletes? And More!

Once again, our old buddy Ben Greenfield joins us for an informative and entertaining journey through sun burns, acid reflux, supplements, ketosis, amino acids, coffee, licorice and more! During the show, we answer your questions about: Astaxanthin 10mg for skin protection Natural Calm consists of Mg citrate using citric acid, can this have a potential […]

Triathlete Spotlight: Lyndee Prazak on Her First Ironman as a Masters Athlete, Nailing Nutrition, the Whistler Course, and More

On this special episode, Tawnee’s mom, Lyndee Prazak comes on the show to talk about her first-ever Ironman that she recently completed in Whistler, Canada. Pictures of her day included in this post. Lyndee, 56, was coached by Tawnee for the race, and we talk about what it was like to make the leap into […]

ATU: Pacing Your Marathon Training, Nutrition and Recovery for Ultra Relays, Monitoring Stress Via RHR and HRV, Avoid Over-Drinking in Heat, and More

This episode of Ask the Ultrarunner is brought to you by Squatty Potty; find out more on how to achieve the perfect poop at On this show, Lucho and Tawnee catch up and answer your questions on: -how does one’s training paces correlate to a race paces for marathon training -what percentage of your […]

ATU: Golden Rule of Running, Cadence Work Using a Metronome, Why You Should Rotate Run Shoes, Improve Tempo, Bearded Runners, And More

Lucho and Tawnee team up to answer your questions on: . -Beard talk, and Lucho’s beard -When MAF pace is closing the gap on my tempo pace, how do you push out tempo pace? What % of weekly mileage should be tempo, speed, or hills? -Back-to-back races: Running 16 miles, then mountain biking 32 miles. How […]

Week of Kona: Nutrition Plans of The World’s Best Age Groupers at the Ironman World Championships

We’ve been among all these folks who made it to Kona, and we wanted to find out what they use for fuel. On this show, we feature 13 triathletes – 12 amateurs and 1 pro – who qualified or got a spot for Kona sharing their sports nutrition details for the Ironman World Championships. Specifically, […]

Vinnie Tortorich: An Hour With ‘America’s Angriest Trainer’ Uncut on Nutrition, His Audio Book, and Much More

On this special episode, Tawnee spends an hour chatting with Vinnie Tortorich, as he joins the show for the second time (first show with Vinnie here). We talk about everything from his new audio book to nutrition, as well as training, racing, weight, podcasting, the haters and the fans, and so much more. Warning: there […]

Vinnie Tortorich: EP Exclusive with ‘America’s Angriest Trainer’ on His New Book and Much More

The popular LA-based fitness trainer and podcast host Vinnie Tortorich joins the show to touch on a little bit of everything, including his new hit book, “Fitness Confidential,” and some of the great things you’ll find in there. Vinnie also shares some awesome stories that you won’t find in the book, as well as insight […]

Ultrarunning: Nutrition and Energy Needs of Running

This article is part of Endurance Planet’s ultrarunning article series. If you have questions, comments or feedback about “Nutrition and Energy Needs of Running”, please leave it below in the comments section… As you may know there are typically three types of nutrients that you’re going to need as energy sources. These are carbohydrates, fats, […]

Super Human Feat: Fueling Endurance

Ultra-endurance athlete Christian Isakson shares with KC Craichy how he fueled his body nutritionally for the grueling Epic 5 Challenge. Super Human Feat: Fueling Endurance from Endurance Planet on Vimeo. For more video content just like this, check out Endurance Films and use 10% discount code “EPVIP”

A New Year on Endurance Planet

In 2011 the voice of Endurance Planet will stay the same but the ownership and additional content is new. Today we’ll talk just a little about that with the new man behind Endurance Planet, Ben Greenfield, but more importantly we’ll talk with Ben about how you can make this a successful year as an endurance athlete.


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