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The Marathon Report with Brock and Tawnee

A few of the items and topics we cover in today’s podcast can be found at enduranceplanet.com/shop Check it out, help the podcast, and save yourself some money! Roles reverse as Brock interviews Tawnee on her BQ (Boston Qualifier) open marathon performance. You can read Tawnee’s race report on her blog (with photos!) here. Included […]

The ‘State of Endurance Planet’ with Ben and Tawnee

Ever been curious about how this show “ticks?” Then listen to this special inside look at the Endurance Planet podcast featuring lots of fun stories and information. In this show you’ll learn: -How and why Ben Greenfield and Tawnee Prazak got involved with Endurance Plant back in 2011. -What are our goals for this podcast, for […]

Sports Nutrition Special: Metabolic Efficiency Testing and Analysis with Dina Griffin and Tawnee Prazak

Audio edition from this week’s video special featuring Dina Griffin, MS, RD, CSSD, METS, putting your host Tawnee Prazak through a metabolic efficiency test out of Kompetitive Edge in Denver, Colo. For EP’s YouTube page with the full video that also includes charts, graphs and more, head to www.youtube.com/enduranceplanetTV. . During the show you’ll learn what metabolic efficiency is, […]

Sports Nutrition: Food allergy testing, post-marathon headaches and more

Ben Greenfield joins us as we recap a little of Tawnee’s first Ironman in Canada, including some of the nutrition woes she faced, plus Ben answers your questions on food-allergy testing and post-marathon headaches. Be sure to ask your sports nutrition questions on our Facebook page! Check out Tawnee’s blog for her full two-part race […]

An Interview With The New Voice of Endurance Planet

Tawnee Prazak brings a vast knowledge base to Endurance Planet: Tawnee is a triathlete living in Orange County, Calif., with a diverse career that includes triathlon/endurance sports coach, freelance journalist, strength & conditioning coach/personal trainer, exercise physiologist, blogger and model. And she’s on track to get her master’s degree in kinesiology. Tawnee loves racing triathlon […]


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