On this week’s episode we have more on the Maffetone Method and HR zones, using an ultra race as a training day before an A race, GI issues on long runs that lead to bathroom stops, run training in the city, novice marathon training plan with a sub-3 hour race goal, back pain from run Read More


Questions to your answers on prepping for a set time race vs. a set distance race, workouts that pair speedwork and strength, focusing on key workouts rather than overall weekly mileage, getting started in ultras, fitting in training with graveyards shifts and a crazy schedule, MAF vs. Zone 2 HR, socks and foot care while running, Read More


Lucho joins us to answer your questions on breathing rate while running and should we try and control it (less and/or more), on lactate threshold (LT) and related terminology such as FTP (plus why LT is important, why LT is not the same as anaerobic threshold (AT), why AT should not be used, how LT Read More


On this episode of Ask the Ultrarunner, Lucho answers your questions on signs and symptoms of overtraining and when to take a break vs. when it’s OK to keep going; why is 90 strides a minute ideal for running; heart rate issues on long runs; training camps for ultrarunners, improving run performance with cross training at Read More

October 30, 2011

Sawtooth 100 race report

For my second hundred mile experience and my focus race of 2011, I decided to do the Superior Sawtooth 100.  I’ve been wanting to do this race for the last two years.  Ever since I saw the write up on it in Ultrarunning magazine. It was a short write up but the finishing times told Read More

January 21, 2010


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