Pt. 1 – Dr. Jeff Volek and Zach Bitter: Introducing the FASTER Study and Low-Carb Fueling for Athletes

March 5, 2015
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zach-faster-study-2What you get in Part 1 of the FASTER Study and Low-Carb Fueling Series:

Introducing Jeff Volek

  • Over the last 15 years Jeff’s research has helped us better understand what constitutes a well-formulated low-carbohydrate diet and its impact on obesity, body composition, adaptations to training and overall metabolic health.
  • He has published hundreds of scientific manuscripts and presented hundreds of talks at scientific and industry conferences. He is co-author of “The New Atkins for a New You” and two self-published books “The Art and Science of Low Carbohydrate Living” and “The Art and Science of Low Carbohydrate Performance.”
  • And he’s an athlete: A former competitive powerlifter who continues to follow the principles of a low-carb diet while training regularly for strength and health.
  • More at

Re-introducing Zach Bitter

  • Listen to Zach’s previous EP appearances here and here.
  • Ultrarunner and coach, holder of the 12-Hour World Record, 100-Mile American Record and numerous course records. Follows high-fat diet, has been on EP twice, writes a great blog, is a teacher and more.

Defining Low-Carb

  • In terms of grams and percent of total calories per day,
  • Low carb vs ketogenic,
  • How Zach tackles LCHF with training/racing, including how and when he allows for more carb. Plus Jeff’s take on Zach’s approach.

Adapting to Fat as Fuel

  • Define Fat adaptation & the shift we’re seeing in approach to sports nutrition (maybe not new to Jeff, but new to masses ;))
  • How to burn fat for fuel by restricting carbs,
  • What we’re seeing in fat-adapted athletes and the benefits, including the ability to run ultras on <2,000kcal vs. traditional 6,000kcal,
  • At 7-14% body fat one still has 20,000-30,000 kcal of adipose tissue reserves.

Introducing the FASTER Study

  • Jeff’s inspiration for the FASTER study?
  • How is the FASTER study different?
  • What the FASTER study is about to show us in terms of sports nutrition and the body’s ability to use fat for fuel, and the ground-breaking results,
  • Zach’s involvement as a subject in the study,
  • High carb vs low carb being put to the test,
  • Fat oxidation – what does it mean, and how does it differ based on your fat-adaptation. What Jeff and the researchers found was unlike anything every seen in a lab before! HOW MUCH FAT CAN HUMANS BURN?!

More reading:

Check out this great writeup on the FASTER Study with further details, charts, analysis and more.

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