Ask the Ultrarunner: Managing Job Stress, Compression for Ultras

April 6, 2012
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Answers on what to do when a demanding job leaves you drained and affects training quality, the deal with compression socks for ultrarunners (wear during competition?), keeping “healthy” lower legs, walk-run strategies fro an ultra, managing taper madness, strength exercise ideas, overcoming a plateau in run performance, is there harm to running up to marathon distance with an extremely high HR and how to fix that, Lucho’s training as of late with more run volume and how he’s handling it, stress fracture healing time (and is that next race possible?), juggling ultra training with other commitments and family, and more. Ask your questions on our facebook page under the designated post.

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Comments (6)

  • Dan says:

    I am hearing a lot about compression socks, but a lot of the brands don't specify what the compression rating is. Is there a way to determine what the actual compression is and if so, how do you determine what compression is appropriate?

  • kanye east says:

    Any insight into what proteolytic enzymes sup Tawnee is taking?

  • Anthony says:

    It has always been tough for me as a recreational runner to manage running schedules on the weekend if I am so stressed from work. I developed insomnia + sleep apnea and I am currently rehabbing in a sleep apnea clinic.

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