ATC: Killer Cycling Workouts in Under an Hour, Music as an Ergogenic Aid, Power Meter or a Coach, Run Video Analysis, and More

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On this episode, Lucho and Tawnee team up to cover all this and more:

-Fly fishing and shark talk
-Men’s Health article article on pain that Lucho read (on people who fear pain vs. people who don’t fear pain)
-Leadville 100 Trail Run predictions
-Run video analysis for podcast fan and triathlete, Craig, who’s coming off sacral fracture, see videos at bottom of post
-Is it ever good to do all long runs in Z3 and interval work in Z6 for long-distance run training? Or stick to more moderate Z2 for long runs and a little bit lower intensity (Z4-Z5) for intensity
-Which is the better option: concrete with the impact force versus the crown/camber of asphalt roads?
-Lucho’s 3 best bang for your buck minimal time/maximum gain cycling workouts for the trainer (i.e. workouts less than 45min), and cycling workouts that incorporate strength training (no equipment necessary)
-Music for workouts: what we like and why it helps
-Crash train for a half-marathon in 5 weeks – best types of run workouts and structure of training (hills, long tempos, fartleks, etc)
-How to spend money for more fitness gains: power meter or hire a coach? When is a coach the better route; when is the power meter and no coach better?
-Comparing your performance to that of others in ultra, and finding the right kind of motivation to increase fitness
-Coming off injury: Coming back from 5 months off due to torn tendon on the top of the foot and shoulder surgery. Was training for a 100 prior to the injury, what’s the best course of action do that I can attempt another 100 by early 2016?

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Run videos used in analysis for EP fan, Craig:


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