ATC: Tapering 101, Top TRX Moves for Runners, IM Boulder, Race Pacing Using Watts, Training Between Big Races and More

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On this show:

-IM Boulder predictions on thoughts on pros racing
-Tapering: Do you actually ever feel good, how to maintain intensity and cut volume effectively, paranoia about injury in the final weeks before your race and more
-What is going wrong when an “EZ” Z2 bike ride ends up feeling really hard?
-Ironman training disrupted; how to pick it up in final 9 weeks?
-What’s the purpose in body markings these days at triathlons these days?
-Top TRX exercises would you consider as most beneficial for runner, and maybe more specifically in preparation for my race plans.
-Doing 1km “I” sessions following Daniels 5-10km plan a week before a sprint — how many intervals are enough?
-Calf cramping on one side only – is it nutrition, overuse, imbalance or what?
-What to do in 3 weeks between races (in this case: did an Ironman and 3 weeks later doing 70.3)

-Coming off of sickness and how to get back to training

-Pacing using watts for a long, steep road bike race

-Lucho’s favorite road trip snacks

-and more!


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