‘Natural Born Heroes’ with Chris McDougall, Dr. Phil Maffetone and Hal Walter

June 15, 2015
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Screenshot 2015-06-08 10.18.08It’s been six years since Chris McDougall helped make minimalist running more mainstream with “Born to Run.” He’s back with a new book out, called “Natural Born Heroes.”

On this show we not only talk to Chris but also Dr. Phil Maffetone and Hal Walter for a show that’s an instant classic. You’ll learn how guys like Phil and Hal have greatly inspired Chris, and how all three of them are living a primal and functional life – in the myriad ways they view fitness.

Topics discussed in this show:

– How Chris was “late to the party” and went on to find Hal and Phil,

– Functional fitness as a way of life (from running to parkour),

– Exploring the physical, mental and nutritional tactics of humans throughout history.

– How do war stories from WWII and soldiers on the Greek island of Crete tie in with endurance sports and athletics?

-Who is the Cretan Runner? WWII’s “The Clown” – a runner who carried war messages some 50 miles back and forth between mountain hideouts.

– How did setting up a practice rather than going into business effect Dr. Phil’s career?

– The “Natural Movement” was the name Georges Hébert gave to the physical fitness method he created in the early 1900s. His credo was: “Be fit to be useful.”

– Are people getting away from specific distances and races and get more focussed on higher health and movement goals? Is this the “golden age” of fitness?

– Being competitive vs. acquiring skills

– How did Phil once gauge how fit he was? (Hint: it involved hunting)

– Chris’ take on diet and fat as fuel, and how he was inspired by Phil

– Phil’s 2-week test. Chris and his wife’s experience doing this protocol for life-changing results

– “A diabetic isn’t going to listen to you,” Phil said to Chris. Why?

– How food, drink and sport nutrition manufacturers killed our ability to burn fat for fuel, and how we can get it back!

– How every animal on earth knows how to eat properly except for humans – how do we get back to that?

– The art of Pack Burro Racing from one of the world’s best, Hal Walter. And more on the relationship between man and animal in nature and endurance events.

– What else will we learn in Chris’ new book? Chris share stories of some Natural Born Heroes,

– And much more!

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