Angela Naeth: Struggles with ‘Female Issues’ and The Survey on Menstruation and Cramping in Female Endurance Athletes (with Results)

November 10, 2014
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We’re joined by pro triathlete and Ironman champion Angela Naeth to take a look at some of the messy and often “taboo” health issues that women face in endurance sports.

Many female endurance athletes struggle with their cycle and menstruation — whether that means having “harsh” periods with cramping and debilitating pain, or amenorrhea (the lack of regular menstruation, which is usually due to the vigorous and stressful nature of endurance sports, and resulting low body fat).

In this case Angela shares the struggles she’s had with her own menstruation over the years and gets candid with her journey and the role that sport played. We also learn why she was compelled to conduct an informal survey asking fellow female triathletes and runners how they manage their menstruation and use of birth control.

Menstruation and Birth Control SurveyThe questions, results and a more detailed analysis by Angela.

Along the way in this show we give a bunch of tips and insight for the female athletes out there! We hope to bring these issues to light and no longer have women fear speaking up about the harsh realities of participating in endurance sports.