ATU: Choose the Best Weights For Better Performance, Cardiac Drift in Tempos, The Nutrition Debate, Compex, And More

April 25, 2013

How to manage/heal plantar fasciitis and can you run through it, how to choose the best weights for gains in strength and power (plus ideal rep counts, etc), when experiencing cardiac drift on a tempo run is it better to keep the same pace and let HR drift up OR slow down to allow HR to stay stable, recommendations for training at altitude and preventing illness, thoughts on the low-carb fueling approach to endurance events vs. high carb, the best way to approach timed races,, more on calorie needs per hour and effective tapering, Compex for strength/power gains and recovery, high heart rates on hills, was it lack of training or compression that caused major pain at the end of a 50k, LT test results for thebike/run and problems with the numbers, finding MAF zones, and more.

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