ATU: Lucho and Tawnee’s Bad Habits, Planning Ideal Long Training Runs and More

November 14, 2012

Answers to your questions on Lucho and Tawnee’s 2013 race schedules as well as what are their bad habits in their own training, etc., that they would never advise to other athletes, how many more 20-milers when  you’re about 8-10 weeks out from a race, how much should you strength train a week for it to be effective, will a marathon hurt an A race that’s 5 weeks later, why does a marathon PR not line up with 50-miler PR, the ideal time frame to train before your first 100-miler ultra, finding hope for meniscus surgery recovery, tips to improve on 24-hour race performance, nutrition need changes from warm to cold ultras, training for seasoned marathoner stepping up to a 50-miler, where to start when you’re ready to train for your first ultra (a 40-miler), and more.

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