Dr. Tim Noakes: The Real Deal on Carbs for Endurance Athletes, Hydration and Learning to ‘Drink to Thirst,’ The Central Governor Theory and Much More

September 6, 2013

An Endurance Planet exclusive featuring Dr. Tim Noakes, exercise and sports science professor who’s famous for his diet and and hydration strategies for endurance athletes and author of best-selling books ¬†“The Lore of Running,” “Waterlogged,” and hundreds of scientific publications. In this episode we cover three main areas with Dr. Noakes: diet, hydration and fatigue. We hear Noakes’ low-carb approach to fueling and how it can improve one’s health and performance in endurance sports; we discuss hydration strategies including how much is too much, ¬†learning to drink to thirst, how to adjust for heat, the role of electrolytes and much more; and finally we touch on the Central Governor Theory and it’s role in fatigue, including how to overcome neural fatigue and still perform your best. We also answer a few listener questions along the way and hear the latest news from Dr. Noakes including word on his new diet book.

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